O quão preciso é o Timbeter para medição exata de toras?

Muitas vezes nos perguntam - o quão preciso é o Timbeter? O método mais direto para determinar a precisão seria medir a pilha de toras com o Timbeter e então medir as toras manualmente para comparação. Mas se você não possuir alguma tora por perto, então como você alcança um controle efetivo de suas medições?

Para começar, eu vou trazer clareza a este tópico altamente contestado.

Uso Do Timbeter Em Caminhões De Toras De Madeira

Para motoristas de caminhão de madeira, medir as toras pode ser um processo impreciso, em geral, há um certo grau de incerteza envolvido. Com os avanços na digitalização, agora eles podem registrar medições precisas com uma simples foto.

Entrevista Com Guy Waters, Proprietário Da Aushang

A equipe do Timbeter vem conversando com diversos líderes de mercado do setor madeireiro, que passaram a usar o Timbeter para medir toras e madeira. Nosso CEO Vallo Visnapuu conversou com Guy Waters da Aushang, sobre como o Timbeter beneficiou sua empresa.

Problemas Comuns Na Medição De Madeira Para Celulose

As diferenças na medição de madeira para celulose podem levar a diversas divergências entre as partes. Os desacordos surgem devido a medições subjetivas feitas por observação visual. Há uma maneira mais precisa para medir a madeira para celulose.

"Instagram For Trees" - New Feature Launch

Timbeter has launched a new feature that integrates with Instagram. Now you can make your timber and tree pictures even more beautiful by adding filters and emoji's!

Timber Measurement - How To Get Started With Timbeter

I've put together an easy to read picture guide on how to get started with using Timbeter. Timber measurement is now easier and faster increasing your cost efficiency and streamlining your workflow. This information is also available to download as a PDF.

Interview with Kuldar Kollom, Export Manager of Dammix

The team at Timbeter have been catching up with several market leaders within the timber industry who have switched to using Timbeter to measure logs and timber. CEO Vallo Visnapuu spoke to Kuldar Kollom from Dammix about how Timbeter has benefitted their business.

Popular Timber Measurement Formulas

There are a variety of log scaling methods around the world. However, there is a vast variability between each region, making transparent communication difficult. Describing each method and its parameters are vital for enabling clear and transparent measurement between all partners, and thus eradicating any attempts at fraud.

Common Problems with Pulpwood Measurement

The differences in measuring pulpwood can lead to several disputes amongst parties. Disagreements arise due to subjective measurements made by manual eye vision. There is a more accurate way to measure pulpwood.

Timbeter in 2016: The Year in Numbers

It has been another incredible year here at Timbeter. We have been to 7 different countries, pitching and winning at numerous events, launched globally and our user base continues to grow. So at this year’s end I wanted to share with you our year in numbers and how we are going to build on that success for 2017.

Interview with Guy Waters, owner of Aushang

The team at Timbeter have been catching up with several market leaders within the timber industry who have switched to using Timbeter to measure logs and timber. CEO Vallo Visnapuu spoke to Guy Waters from Aushang about how Timbeter has benefited his business.

Using Timbeter for Timber Trucks

For timber truck drivers, measuring timber can be an inaccurate process, often a degree of guesswork is involved. With the advances in digitalization, now they can record accurate measurements with a simple photo.

7 Things You Should Know When First Using Timbeter

For many, measuring timber occurs outside of the office. For those first using Timbeter, this can lead to questions whether it will work outside. Read the 7 things you should know when first using Timbeter.

Levinuimad Küsimused Puidumõõtmisel

Puidumõõtmine on keeruline protsess. Erinevad mahu arvutamise valemid, koore teema ning ebasümmeetrilised notid on peamised tegurid, mis tekitavad mitmeid küsimusi mõõtmistäpsuse osas.

Measuring Timber in Containers

Did you know that you can use Timbeter to measure logs in a container? The present method is to manually count the logs and their respective diameters. A laborious process for all concerned. Timbeter changes all that...

Timbeter New Website Launch

The team and I are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website! Read on to find out why we made the change and how our new website will better serve you!

Why is precise digital timber measurement important?

Sometimes it is good to remind why we started developing Timbeter at the first place. For me, coming from IT sector, it was really hard to understand how things work in forestry. How is it possible that measurement is done only with the help of visual observation to determine the pile density coefficient?

Pulpwood measurement methods explained

Hereby I will explain the problematics related to pulp-and fuelwood measurement. Timbeter has developed new functionality for automatic coefficient assessment to measure the volume of pulp-and fuelwood. Hopefully this will make timber measurement less stressful to all as it is reliable and affordable.

How to calculate the volume of timber?

There are a wide variety of log scaling methods around the world. Most of them utilize length and diameter information to determine volume in cubic units. Many log-scaling methods require small-end diameter measurement  while others require diameters at both ends of the log.