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Why we decided we needed a fresh look

Why we decided we needed a fresh look

Today we are happy to announce that our new websites , so that we are better able to serve our customers.

However, why did we feel we needed a new look? How will this improve our customer experience?


What has changed?

The site’s homepage was designed to allow new users to get started easier with links to our mobile apps, other languages and commonly asked questions. The team and I wanted to make the new website faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly.

As a software and forestry industry innovator, it is essential for Timbeter to make information regarding our tools, use cases and industry trends easily accessible for our current and prospective clients. The goal then with this new website, is to provide our visitors a more straightforward way to learn about Timbeter’s tools, solutions and the work we are doing with forestry organizations worldwide.


Main Sections

You will find our new site is divided into five main sections: About, Tools, Blog, Contact/Login, Help Center and Use Cases sections. We shifted to a client-centric layout so our visitors can easily navigate our site and locate the information they need.


The About section allows our visitors an opportunity to know us better, who we are as a company, whom we are working with, career opportunities and the leaders driving the team.

About Webpage


Within the Tools section, you will find detailed descriptions of some of the tools that forestry professionals can use as part of the complete Timbeter platform – all designed to make users workflow processes smoother and faster than doing timber measurement manually.

Tools Webpage


The Blog section highlights where we compile articles derived from our years of industry experience so that others can benefit from our knowledge. This section will contain not only our latest company updates but information from sources around the globe that our many users would find useful regarding using Timbeter better. So make sure you come back regularly and check for updates or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest industry news to your inbox.

Blog Webpage

Contact & Login

The Contact/Login section is where our existing users can log in to their Storage Module and check all their timber measurements in one place, making inventories and compiling reports for the supply chain in only a few clicks.

Contact Webpage

Help Center

The Help Center we are particularly proud of! Feedback from our users requested that we require a more accessible, faster way to locate answers to questions about log scaling formulae and using Timbeter.

So we created a searchable Help Center that new and existing users can search and discover answers to industry and software related questions. Not only helping our clients become power users but to teach others looking to work in forestry industry to learn more. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can view all our latest videos in various languages.

Help Center Webpage

Use Cases

The Use Cases section highlights the various ways that Timbeter can be used by state forests, companies and organizations. The Forestry sector has several elements, from sawmills, pole companies, trucking companies to national state forests and shipping – Timbeter is designed to be used by all to ensure that our mission of making the industry more transparent is realized.

Use Cases Webpage

But why change the website?

As Timbeter continues to grow, it became apparent to the team and our loyal user base that our platform needs to be easier to navigate and for knowledge to be easily found and shared. Our multilingual team also noted that our users required information in several local languages, in both written and video form.

Why a separate website for Timbeter Container?

Although mentioned on timbeter.com CTO Martin Kambla recognized that users using Timbeter for containers and shipping, used Timbeter differently. So the engineering team developed a separate Android and iOS (Apple) version for container users. To support and manage these users, we created a dedicated website at timbetercontainer.com

Timbeter Container Homepage

Your opinion matters

I trust you will find the new website, with its fresh look, an easy-to-use tool for discovering how to move your business forward. Should you have any feedback or like to tell us what your business needs, you can email us anytime at info@timbeter.com

We’re glad you’re with us in making the forestry industry more profitable, sustainable & efficient.

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