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7 Things You Should Know When First Using Timbeter

7 Things You Should Know When First Using Timbeter
For many, measuring timber occurs outside of the office. For those first using Timbeter, this can lead to questions whether it will work outside. Read the 7 things you should know when first using Timbeter.

Timber measurement typically occurs outside of office and therefore the team at Timbeter receive several questions regarding the apps working capability. Nobody welcomes a situation where the application doesn’t work due to poor internet connection or bad weather. Below I’ve answered the 7 most common questions that we receive from new users:

1# Device

What kind of device do I need to use Timbeter?

Simply, any Android phone or tablet, starting from 4.0 will do. The team and I recommend that if you have a tablet to use this – user feedback has determined that the larger screen enables easier use.

2# Reference

Is there any specific requirement to place the reference?

Basically you can use any object with minimum of 1m length. You can place the measurement stick (or any reference you prefer) either vertically or horizontally across the pile.

3# Photo resolution

What photo resolution will be sufficient to detect the precise timber diameter as possible? 

Timbeter works at all resolutions, however in our experience, the higher photo resolution the better picture. The photo’s resolution determines each pixel to a metric unit ratio.

4# Lighting conditions

Is it possible to measure in poor lighting conditions?

If it is really dark, then we advise to use extra light, for example a head-lamp during the night.

5# Offline measurement

What happens if I don’t have a internet connection?

Not a problem, Timbeter calculates timber measurement within the app hence no internet connection is required. Once the app is returns to an internet coverage area, your images begin to upload to your cloud storage platform.

6# Temperature

What if the temperature drops below minus 20C (minus 4F) – can I still measure?

Yes, you can. If it is freezing outside, we would suggest you to just make pictures with the reference and save these, later in the warm office you can do the measurement. We’ve been testing out different devices for 2 winters now and the majority of them work fine.

7# Data security

Can my information become lost anyhow (for example servers go down)?

No, your information is secure with Timbeter. Information is stored in the cloud and saved in the storage platform once the measurement has been done.


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