Andrei Beniušis story: Thanks to Timbeter I can sleep peacefully during the night. | Timbeter
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Andrei Beniušis story: Thanks to Timbeter I can sleep peacefully during the night.

Andrei Beniušis story: Thanks to Timbeter I can sleep peacefully during the night.
Andrei has been using Timbeter for 2 months. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of timber measurement and can be called an “eagle-eye”. Here are his comments.

For many years our company bought logs by using the pile density ratio. The reason was that we didn’t have the time and manpower to measure each shipment log by log. We made only a few test measurements per month, if we felt that it was necessary. This situation sometimes created tensions between log suppliers and our purchase manager. There were also some other aspects that were difficult to control – the quality of the logs and the diameter of the logs.

Timbeter gives me the confidence to make difficult decisions. In most cases, birch sawlogs are sold with the pile density of 60%. In some cases I wouldn’t dare to offer this kind of pile density just by visual observation – checking the density with the help of Timbeter gives me proof that the pile density is actually lower, and therefore I have to pay a lower price.

Now we can measure each and every shipment log by log. Before it took 40-60 minutes to measure one truckload of logs.

After that, the accountant entered the numbers into Excel. With Timbeter we can have the results within 2-5 minutesand share that information with the seller instantly.

We can detect logs that are too small or too large and calculate an average diameter of each shipment. Small logs have a large negative impact to the output. Unfortunately, suppliers often attempt to hide them in the piles.

We have been comparing Timbeter’s results with the results of the companies who have measured the pile log-by-log and the results have been the same – in terms of both volume and the number of logs. We have had our doubts before, but we didn’t have any chance to check them. Now it is quick and easy.

We can also show the customer the cull wood that is present in the truckload. Usually we sort out the cull wood and the client can take it away or sell it to us with a lower price. Now we can also offer to send a picture made by Timbeter as proof.

There has always been a problem with night shipments. It is hard to see during the night and the night shift guys are not so experienced. There have been cases where they haven’t measured the logs at all or they measured 5 cubic meters more than what the actual size was. With Timbeter, this cannot happen any more.


  • In May we managed to save thanks to Timbeter 350 EUR from the direct payments. In June the save amount was 390 EUR.
  • In addition to that, all the measurement process is quicker and smoother. And I can sleep peacefully during the night.

Explanation: if the coefficient is 60, then the average truck costs 0,6×35(volume)x50(price)=1050 EUR

In case the coefficient is actually 57, the price to pay is: 0,57×35(volume)x50(price)=997,5 EUR