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Digital transformation for sustainable forestry

Digital transformation for sustainable forestry

Forests play a critical role in sustainable development, from combating soil erosion to mitigating the effects of climate change. In the 21st century, green transition and digital transformation are key components for progressing a sustainable development agenda. Timbeter shares the view that a clever combination of frontier technology can foster this progress even further. Using Timbeter’s technology, we can demonstrate why digital green technology is essential to ensure sustainable forestry and value biodiversity. 

Timbeter’s solution efficiently supports 8 sustainable development goals (SDG) out of 17. Starting with SDGs 3, 5 and 8, the Timbeter digital tool completely removes the need for scaling teams to physically handle logs in close proximity to log stacks during measurements in forest or at warehouse. This allows you to conduct required work with reduced health and safety risks. Timbeter’s AI-based software is convenient to use and available for everyone, making the industry  more accessible to a much more diverse workforce who may have faced barriers to entry before.

During the Fourth Industrial Revolution, innovation, increased economic productivity and inclusive technology are indispensable factors to focus on, namely SDGs 8, 9 and 10. Timbeter’s technology promotes inclusivity and expands the applicable workforce for forestry.  We provide an opportunity for technological upgrading in forestry and increases in economic productivity resulting in faster, more efficient and transparent processes. AI technology enables effective and transparent monitoring and supervision of timber and wood products and optimizes workflows. Accurate digital data optimizes logistical resources, avoids delays in loading process and adds loading capacity input for planning. In addition, traceable timber transport gives an overview of carbon footprint, and the optimization of transportation saves time and avoids half-empty rides with unnecessary additional CO2 emissions.

Sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12) is the goal with the biggest impact in the sustainable development field, influencing most of the results. Similarly, Timbeter is a key forestry technology for increasing efficiency. The diversity of the forest means that not all wood is of equal value. While high-quality wood falls more into the category of ideal wood and is easier to measure, Timbeter has successfully proven to provide accurate data even when measuring lower quality wood. Each category has specific customers, therefore Timbeter helps the forest land owner to optimize the realization of resources according to the needs of the value chain, reducing the waste of valuable materials. Accurate measurements with GPS positions and columnar log classes at the loading site greatly improve the precision of actual volumes recorded in the logging area to compare with forecast volumes, meaning more accurate management of natural resources. In addition, precise information better facilitates fair trade, and direct automated calculation ensures accurate revenue forecasting.

Timbeter is 100% paperless and needs no special hardware – it works properly in all smartphones and tablets. Timbeter also avoids the hundreds of tons of paints and sprays currently used for manual measurements, and with us you can ensure processes with zero chemicals and zero waste. Traceable and real-time data helps to reduce illegal logging. All these aforementioned benefits are necessary for reducing biodiversity loss and degradation in forests, supporting the implementation of SDG 15. In addition, related to the biodiversity sub-goal, Timbeter is also committed to supporting the transfer of sustainable forest management technology to developing countries through development cooperation, including to Georgia, Costa Rica and Kenya.

Finally, Timbeter lays the foundation for a responsible forest-climate nexus – SDG 13. Currently, carbon credit verifying authorities are certifying and verifying carbon market projects using different methodologies, which tend to be vague, indirect estimations, and based on the manual activities mentioned above. Timbeter aims to provide precise and reproducible primary data for accountable automated carbon sequestration calculations in harvested timber and growing forests, and for quantifying the climate benefits of wood construction.

Timbeter enables fast and accurate timber measurement and data management using artificial intelligence and, as a result, brings transparency and efficiency to the measurement process throughout the supply chain. It is a truly state-of-the-art digital solution for advancing sustainable development in the forest sector. A solution for sustainable forestry and a sustainable future.