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Digital transformation is the key to overcome economic crisis

Digital transformation is the key to overcome economic crisis

While countries are fighting against COVID-19, the economy is suffering from lockdowns and restrictions that vary from country to country. Companies fight for survival and the worst is still yet to come. But every crisis is also an opportunity – mainly for the digital solutions, as now companies are forced to take steps towards digital transformation, as changes in operations are needed to, for instance, make it possible to work remotely or accommodate physical distancing and contactless activities. 

Courier service, e-shops –companies that have been able to transform their business quickly into e-channels, have been able to continue their operations without any interruption. There are many unknowns on how the future after the pandemic will look like, but one thing is certain, the world will be more digital.

Estonia has been the perfect example for how public services or education haven’t stopped any of their operations thanks to the digital transformation that the country undertook decades ago. Everything is easily done from a distance. Estonia can be thankful to the earlier strategic decisions and investments taken to develop e-Estonia – digital signature, e-business registry are just a few examples of the e-government platform the country put in place.

After the lockdowns and restrictions end, one question remains: how to go forward in the forestry sector?. Many companies would need to adjust to lower business volumes and face the need for cost cutting and efficiency. How to run operations smoothly with less manpower? Companies need to decide whether to continue the old way or implement new technologies that would require changes in old habits and re-engineering of the current processes. And as we have noticed before – it is mostly about the mindset in the organizations. But now, the economic situation is putting more pressure on managers to face these external challenges.

We have had many companies who started using Timbeter just before the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to lockdowns, many operations had to be done in different ways overnight. Inventories is an excellent example of this. Usually 2 people spend 1 day going through the whole log yard. But that meant direct contact that needed to be avoided with the new imposed regulations. With Timbeter, only one person is needed to manage the whole inventory, while easily and instantly sharing results with the rest of the team in a different location. Plus, machines could work without any interruption. So, adopting a digital solution proved itself instantly.

Adopting new technologies has never been easy, especially for businesses that have been running the same way for many decades. But the time to make strategic decisions has come overnight. So – I would invite anyone who has some doubts to participate in our webinars, or access the ones that are available on demand, to get all the needed answers to your questions and use our free trial to get to know our solutions in detail. This way you can instantly start using Timbeter in your operations after the lockdown ends.

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