FIEG signs partnership with Timbeter to modernize industrial timber measurement processes in the State of Goiás, Brazil | Timbeter

FIEG signs partnership with Timbeter to modernize industrial timber measurement processes in the State of Goiás, Brazil

FIEG signs partnership with Timbeter to modernize industrial timber measurement processes in the State of Goiás, Brazil

The Federation of Industries of the State of Goiás (FIEG) starts a partnership with Timbeter, a pioneering technology company for measuring timber and managing data digitally, contributing to transparency and efficiency of the supply chain processes of the forestry, food, steel and several other sectors in the State of Goiás, Brazil.

The Federation of Industries of the State of Goiás (FIEG) and Timbeter signed a cooperation agreement to bring to local entrepreneurs the most modern AI-based technology in measuring timber and managing data in a digital way. This innovative partnership will result in greater transparency, agility, security and profitability for companies in the State of Goiás, Brazil.

Timbeter’s solutions  will be available to FIEG’s members through this agreement, with the goal of bringing Timbeter’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence not only to Goiás’ companies connected to the forestry sector, but also the entire production chain that uses wood as an energy source. With this initiative, FIEG brings an extra breath in times of pandemic, since Timbeter brings efficiency, speed and accuracy to companies and enables teams to work remotely. 

The algorithms and machine learning that have been developed by Timbeter erases the human error and makes the whole measurement process faster by 15 times. All the data is in digital format that can be easily controlled and monitored.


The agreement signed between FIEG and Timbeter will be the beginning of a new digital era for the Federation of Industries of the State of Goiás. After the implementation in the State, FIEG would become an ambassador for the digital solution throughout the country. With the help of Goiás State, the solution will be brought to the neighbouring regions. A major online event on January 28th, 2021 will mark the launch of the partnership and present Timbeter’s solution to companies from Goiás with the presence of local authorities.


In addition to increasing the industry’s efficiency, Timbeter is also concerned with the sustainability of forest management. The solution was recently nominated by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) as one of the best sustainable forestry practices in Russia at the “Green Forest of the Year” award. The nomination came in the Economy category, which shows how Timbeter’s technology and activities have helped companies become more efficient, waste less resources and optimize processes. In addition, the fact that all activities carried out with the solution are tracked by geolocation make Timbeter a powerful tool in the inspection and combating illegal logging. Timbeter also started a cooperation with the Costa Rican government to act to preserve the country’s forest territory in a pilot project started in 2020.


Established in 2013, Timbeter leverages the digitization of the forestry sector by bringing transparency and efficiency to the measurement process, from the forest to the factory. Timbeter allows measurements on timber and data management quickly and accurately using artificial intelligence. The software can count the number of logs, as well as measure their diameters, volumes and density coefficients for pulp and firewood. All measurements have geolocation, so the origin of the wood is always known, which means that the illegal wood trade can be avoided. The measurement of wood logs is done digitally with the help of a smart device (a tablet or smartphone) and all measurements are stored in the cloud, offering a real-time overview of all activities. Timbeter helps the forestry sector to save time and expenses by making processes more objective and transparent, as well as allowing better control of the activities.

Timbeter has shown its success in local and global markets, collaborating with international corporations such as CMPC (Chile), International Paper (Brazil), Faber-Castell (Brazil), Siam Forestry Group (Thailand), Mekong Timber Plantations (Laos) and several others.

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