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Georgia Exports Company: “Using Timbeter equals in significant cost savings”

Georgia Exports Company: “Using Timbeter equals in significant cost savings”

Georgia Exports Company has recently grown and expanded its activity on log exports. In this post, Joshua Maynard, Georgia Exports Company’s Operations Manager, explains how Timbeter has helped his company improve efficiency and data management.

Georgia Exports Company was looking for a solution to modernize their scaling process as well as managing the massive amount of data associated with volume of timber exporting. Maynard explains:  

“On the scale at which we operate, manual measurements are hard to control and verifying those measurements is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Our goal was to make the process more verifiable and digitize it. Timbeter’s team visited us in the autumn of 2017. At this time I had already downloaded Timbeter and we were running some entry-level evaluations of the app and when I heard that the Timbeter team was going to be in our area, I invited them to our central operations yard for an in-depth discussion and walk-through.”  

After meeting the team, the comment from Joshua was:

“We had a constructive meeting and demonstration. Martin and Anna-Greta answered every question we could throw at them while also addressing issues we had yet to encounter. After this meeting, we started using Timbeter at one of our export locations, comparing it alongside the traditional scaling (hand measuring) method. We used both methods at one location until we had a data set of roughly 400,000 measurements. We then ran a comparative analysis of this data and found no appreciable difference.  At this point, we further integrated Timbeter into other company locations. We found that Timbeter and Timbeter Container allowed us to reduce the hands-on processing time of our inventory as well as maintain a smaller, but more efficient workforce. On the data management side, Timbeter (both versions) has given our company the ability to instantly run analysis from multiple angles on various aspects of our sprawling inventory as well as generate various reports with the click of a button.”  

To conclude his experience with Timbeter and Timbeter Container, Joshua said: 

“Our experience with Timbeter has been very positive. We have streamlined the most cumbersome and time-consuming aspects of timber export while improving safety and employee/customer satisfaction. When all of these benefits combine, they have equal significant cost savings, not only on the manual labor side but on the data processing side as well. As with any industry bottom line is paramount, simply put Timbeter will improve the bottom line over manual measurements. Any issues raised were handled by the Timbeter staff with speed and attention to detail not often seen in today’s software industry.  The staff has always been available to answer any and all questions again with speed and efficiency. We at Georgia Exports Company LLC are well pleased with the products Timbeter has created and even more so with the service we have received alongside said products. We highly recommend this product to anyone in the timber industry and we will continue to use it for the foreseeable future.” 

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