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How to add my tree species, cull and other custom data?

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You can add your own tree species, culls and other custom data on the Storage module. At the upper right hand corner, in the gear icon, you will find the Timber menu.

In addition to the species already available in the system, you can add your own species, qualities, culls and assortments. They will be available in the app on your tablet or smartphone as soon as it is synced.

Here you can add a new wood type by clicking on the green button with a plus sign.

You can also add custom wood qualities,

custom automatic cull parameters

and custom assortments.

by clicking the green button that is near that specific field. The text in black represents options that are already in Timbeter. Green text represents the options that you have added yourself.

All this new information and parameters will be available within the mobile application the next time your device is connected to the internet and synced.

In the app, you can apply your custom parameters by ticking the show advanced fields box while making a measurement.

You can also add them in the storage module. To do that, open a specific measurement in the storage module. You should then see the option to apply your changes on the right hand side.

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