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How to correct an incorrect measurement?

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If you have made a mistake during the measurement or Timbeter has missed a log, then you can simply fix it by editing the measurement. You can edit right in the app or in the storage module, whichever one you prefer.

To edit in the app, open the specific measurement, and in the top right hand corner you should see the option to measure again.

Once you tap on that, the application will ask you if you just want to edit the current measurement or to completely measure the existing picture again.

In the editing phase you can edit the picture itself or you can edit the parameters given for measurements (log length, reference length, etc.). In order to edit the parameters, you need to tap the button in the bottom right hand corner.

To make edits in the storage module, you need to open that specific measurement. You can edit the parameters in the view that opened, however to edit the picture, you need to scroll down and click on the picture attached. After doing that you will see the option to edit in the top left hand corner.

We recommend doing this on the Google Chrome browser, as there have been a few cases where the editing feature has not appeared correctly.

Edited measurements will appear with a red asterisk in the storage module.

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