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Nilson formula

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Estonians use this formula developed by Arthur Nilson to calculate the volume of logs. This method uses both a formula and a support table with coefficients, depending on the tree type.


cbm = (d² * L*(a1+a2*L)+a3*L²)/10 000


d – small-end diameter

L – length in dm

a1, a2, a3 – coefficients, that are defined by the tree species 


Species a1 a2 a3
Pine 0.0799 0.000146 0.0411
Spruce 0.07995 0.00016105 0.04948
Birch and other hardwoods 0.0783 0.000236 0.045
other conifers 0.0800 0.000154 0.0453

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