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How do weather conditions affect log measuring?

How do weather conditions affect log measuring?

When it comes to getting started with Timbeter, our customers are not only happy with the measurements precision and the efficiency of the whole process, but also with the fact that Timbeter solves the issues regarding the bad weather conditions. In this article, we want to share the user experience and answer the most common questions regarding the use of Timbeter in different weather conditions.

Why is it convenient to use Timbeter in extreme weather conditions?

It’s a matter of fact that forestry processes often take place in rough climate conditions, so the weather is often either freezing cold or extremely hot. At the same time, the process of log measuring is a time-consuming one, so the measurer has to spend a long time outside facing the bad weather conditions. No wonder that the measurements precision falls by the wayside!
Timbeter solves these three issues at once! The user can easily take pictures outside, and the measurements can be processed later. No to mention the measurement precision provided by Timbeter.

What one can do if a part of pile is not visible due to snow?

No worries! The overall pile volume can be successfully measured with the “Pile” measurement regime. Set the pile contour carefully or use the “Automatic pile area” option and get the results! 

How does a tablet operate in frosty and rainy conditions? How long can a man operate a tablet in subzero temperatures? 

Of course, the productivity mainly depends on the specific characteristics of the particular device in use – check the instructions for your device. Fully charge your device before measuring to make sure that it will work normally; you can bring a portable charger as well.  And also, as mentioned above, you can easily take pictures outside and make the measurements later at the office. 

As for the rainy weather conditions, make sure that the camera is not getting wet to avoid a blurry image, so the measurement quality won’t be affected. There is also an option to use a waterproof phone case/bag.

As for extreme hot weather, be aware of the battery life, since heat affects the way the battery work, causing overheating and, in the worst cases, explosions or permanent damage to the device. For that, make sure you are not using your smartphone or tablet in environments with more than 45ºC, as it may cause malfunctions to the device. It’s recommended to simply take a picture using Timbeter and press “save”, leaving the measurement process for a place with a lower temperature. The results will be ready in less than 3 minutes and all the data is available on our Storage Module for reports, inventories and sharing information. 

Don’t let the bad weather stop your operations. Use Timbeter to get fast and accurate results even in extreme weather conditions. Get in contact with our team to know how Timbeter can be beneficial for your business.