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How Timbeter is helping forestry companies become more profitable

How Timbeter is helping forestry companies become more profitable

Technology is the main ally for companies in the forestry sector to get better results in the field and greater efficiency in the production chain. When purchasing new machinery, accounting systems or updating tools used in the daily work of employees, senior managers think about the efficiency and profitability that those tools could bring to the operations. So, why not invest in Timbeter to increase the company’s transparency, efficiency and profit while modernizing the sector by working with a pioneering tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to bring the most accurate results? We listened to our customers and listed some reasons why managers in the forestry sector have adopted Timbeter in their operations with a view on profitability.

Entrepreneurial activity is always linked to the ability to adapt to new situations that require creative and innovative solutions, but extraordinary situations such as those brought by the pandemic in 2020 have required extra effort for those who need to keep the wheel turning in the business world.

By allowing more agility, efficiency, transparency, control and connectivity, Timbeter has allowed the cutting of unnecessary expenses and the valorization of the final product very quickly, acting directly in increasing the profit of those who produce inside the forestry sector.

More measurements made in less time

The tireless work of our team of developers in programming an Artificial Intelligence tool allowed us to provide a solution for those who need to make measurements on wooden logs quickly and efficiently. Just to give an idea, to measure a pile of logs with 15 cubic meters using a traditional method takes on average between half an hour and 45 minutes. Using Timbeter, the measurement time is reduced to only 3 minutes. Based on this, an employee can manually measure around 200 logs per hour manually while, with our solution, this number rises to 280,000 logs in the same amount of time.

In addition to the agility, the ability to compile and store all the data in the cloud reduces the time spent on preparing documents and marking the diameters. Instant reports and inventories done in a practical way and in digital format are an effective way to save time and resources. Some of our customers have reported to us a reduction of up to a third of the time spent on preparing reports and inventories.

Measurements made with artificial intelligence, reducing the human factor

The speed of the measurements made with Timbeter does not mean a reduction in the quality of the results. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm was trained and developed through  the analysis of more than 300,000 images of piles, which allows the tool a precision in the results that according to Metrosert, the metrology agency of Estonia, and CESMEC, regulatory agency in Chile, have a margin of error of only 0.5% and 1.5%. This allows the measurement process to always be done with a consistency level of accuracy. And the work of our development team does not stop there, all so that this level of excellence is increasingly bordering on perfection. Efficiency of the machine working for the profit of those who produce.

The variety of factors calculated during a measurement carried out with our solution allows our customers, for example, to consider culls in the wood logs by accurately measuring the density and calculating the stacking factor, thus allowing to reduce existing losses only with the measurements of stère volumes (1x1x1m) and increased profit for those who depend on wood as fuel for production.

Fewer disputes between selling and buying parties

Using Timbeter, our customers are able to accurately have the exact information of what is being bought / sold, which values the product to be sold, thus reducing disputes. It’s all there, in a clear and accessible way, allowing companies to compile in an easy and practical way who will have access to what type of information. Companies in different parts of the world that are exporting wood daily can use digital data from Timbeter as soon as the containers are loaded and, with a single image, can send this data to the purchasing party, thus avoiding disputes regarding volumes, qualities and wood assortments.

Significant reduction of gaps for corruption

The transparency of the information provided by Timbeter solution significantly reduces the possibility of corruption throughout the production chain. This allows business people to have an exact idea of what is in his hand from start to finish, without surprises. Another advantage is the possibility of having accurately documented where the wood was extracted if proof of this is necessary for documentation measures. These data, through geolocation, also allow private companies and public agencies to monitor areas of environmental preservation or controlled cutting, thus helping to combat illegal logging activities in various regions of the world.

Integrated data for improvements in accounting systems

All data collected by measurements made with Timbeter are available to the customer and can be compiled and connected to the systems already existing within the company, facilitating inventory, productivity and accounting processes. In addition, it allows managers to always have control at hand over what has been done by their employees while they are busy making business progress. All within a few clicks.

For all these reasons, it is clear that Timbeter, more than an investment, is a precious ally for increasing profits in times of crisis. Our team is happy to be able to help you stay strong, even in processes that require extraordinary solutions.

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