Humans can measure 200 logs per hour. Timbeter can measure 280.000 | Timbeter

Humans can measure 200 logs per hour. Timbeter can measure 280.000

Humans can measure 200 logs per hour. Timbeter can measure 280.000
  • Log detection algorithm now 2.5x to 3.5x faster than before
  • Detects 280.000 logs per hour

As the customer base of Timbeter is growing, we continually try to improve its user experience. Of significant importance is how accurate and fast is the detection of logs. As a result, this makes up a significant proportion of important updates.

Most detection updates typically involve either improving the accuracy or speed by a large amount while sacrificing the other a little. For example, introducing neural networks in early 2018 carried a relatively big hit, albeit making the detection much more robust. In May of the same year, a fast hinting mechanism was integrated that gives the main detection algorithm the approximate size and position distribution of logs. This enabled the main algorithm to skip parts of the picture that certainly didn’t contain logs. Tests showed that the initial performance hit was more than mitigated, while the improved accuracy was maintained almost fully.

Recently, Timbeter’s detection algorithm saw a new improvement. This involved making better use of available hardware capabilities. We saw 2.5-3.5x speed improvement compared to the previous update and 6x improvement compared to detection before neural networks. Because detection was getting really fast (around 1-5 seconds on faster phones), we tried experimenting, how much we can squeeze out in a stress test.

To conduct the stress test, we downloaded a few hundred of our testing and training images to the fastest Android device we had and left the algorithm do the number crunching. The result was pretty impressive. Detecting 131.910 logs took 1698 seconds, or around 28 minutes. Put it another way, it’s 280.000 logs per hour. This is pretty impressive, considering that all the individual diameters are measured and stored in a digitally accessible way. That’s the equivalent of going through all logs one by one with a ruler and entering the results to a tablet. A fast measurer might do 200 logs per hour. Impressive speedup!

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