Internationale Holzmesse and DLG-Waldtage: Timbeter is digitalizing DACH region | Timbeter

Internationale Holzmesse and DLG-Waldtage: Timbeter is digitalizing DACH region

Internationale Holzmesse and DLG-Waldtage: Timbeter is digitalizing DACH region

At Timbeter, we believe that digitalization is the future of sustainable and smart forestry management. At the same time, we highly value direct communication with our clients. This September we were glad to participate in Internationale Holzmesse in Klagenfurt (Austria) and DLG-Waldtage in Lichtenau (Germany), to meet the forestry experts, learn more about the industry’s processes and needs in the region as well as greet our existing clients. In this blog post, we are sharing our experiences from these events.

As one of the world’s biggest market players, the DACH forestry industry is staying up to date with the latest technical solutions, and Timbeter’s system has not been the exception. Timbeter’s tools providing quick and accurate measurements drew the attention of many visitors involved in different forestry processes: starting from the harvesting areas to the monthly inventories at the sawmill storages. The digital data management and the side-costs reduction provided by Timbeter’s technologies are also among aspects of interest for both the largest enterprises and private companies.

The discussions on Timbeter’s easy and efficient measurements were followed by a number of demos held by Peter Sinivee and Sofya Safargalieva, members of the sales and support team, showing the efficiency and accuracy of the solution in real time.

Timbeter’s measuring methods meet the measuring standards of the region. “Contour” measurement regime corresponds with geometrical group measurement method often used for fuelwood and quick mid-term inventories. Contour measurement can be made with a fixed coefficient or with the help of “Density” regime obtaining an individual pile’s density coefficient to increase the accuracy of the volume measurement results.

For sawlogs and other higher-quality assortments, Timbeter’s “Diameter” measures each individual diameter and calculates the volume based on a required formula. To learn more about the use of the log-by-log measuring method using “mid-diameter”, please contact our support team via

And we were also glad to meet the existing clients at our booths to go through their use cases, share their positive user experiences and look forward to more success stories and collaborations ahead. The major feedback has been always the same: Timbeter provides accurate measurements and transparent data, is applicable at any stage of the supply chain, and Timbeter’s customer support is always there to help and adjust the solution’s special features to a customer-specific process.

Timbeter is happy to be a part of the region’s rapidly developing digitalization process and support the pioneers in sustainable forest management.

Timbeter’s team is also grateful to the Klagenfurt Internationale Holzmesse (AT) and DLG-Waldtage (DE) organisers for having us there and contributing to the industry’s progress and taking care of valuable forest resources.

To learn more about Timbeter and how your company can benefit from our technologies, please contact our team at Digitalization is starting now!