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Interview with Kuldar Kollom, Export Manager of Dammix

Interview with Kuldar Kollom, Export Manager of Dammix

The team at Timbeter have been catching up with several market leaders within the timber industry who have switched to using Timbeter to measure logs and timber. CEO Vallo Visnapuu spoke to Kuldar Kollom from Dammix about how Timbeter has benefitted their business.

You’re from Dammix. What does the company do?

Dammix AS was founded in 1993. The company is active in the storing and marketing of high quality Nordic timber. In more than 20 years of activity, we acquired all the necessary equipment for the cutting and initial processing of timber, and have a dedicated team of professionals.

In recent years, Dammix AS has focused mainly on quality and the smoothness of processes. The adoption of novel information technology tools, combined with active process management and documentation, permits us to obtain a comprehensive overview of the progress of storing timber and the origin of raw materials on demand. Regarding the latter, the company has acquired a FSC & PEFC Forest Management certificate, the highest level of licensing available in the timber industry.

What’s your role?

Export Manager

How long have you worked within the Timber Industry?

1.5 years

What are the biggest challenges in the industry at the moment?

Main problem … Shift in the global market. Existing markets have been reorienting their needs and new commodity groups on new markets have appeared. So now, both existing and new market requirements are changing – we have to act quickly and at the same time be flexible.

How can the industry solve that problem? What is needed?

We need a lot of data that has to be processed extremely fast. Fast/online decision making systems are desirable because it provides flexibility in rapidly changing market situations.

Typically, before using Timbeter how did you measure logs?

Manually – specifically that we measured every single log one-by-one, wrote data to the paper, took it to the office and inserted data to an excel file. To measure one pile, it took approximately 45 minutes.

You’ve been using Timbeter now for 2 months. What are your first impressions of the app?

It is easy to use, reliable and increases work efficiency.

How easy is it to get started with Timbeter?

It depends on the person, but in general it is not complicated at all to start using Timbeter.

What do you use Timbeter for?

Measuring and documentary evidence to send to all parties, avoiding disputes. After all 1 picture says a 1,000 words!

How does using Timbeter impact your business?

Saves time & consistently reduces costs.

What do you like most about Timbeter?

We are very pleased with container version. Now we can keep all information in one place and connect every measurement with specific container and specific load. This is important for the Asian clients because of the long delivery time. Our clients can see in advance the quality of the wood.
You work with various international clients. What are their opinions on using Timbeter? Does Timbeter meet their expectations?

In general, they like it, but for some Asian clients as it is new, they are a little suspicious about using it.

Who else could benefit from using Timbeter? Who would you recommend the smart device to in your supply chain?

Governmental authorities – customs departments would benefit immensely.

How many measurements a day do you store in the module and what do you use it for?

It depends on period of time – anything from 1 to 50 measurements.

What product enhancements would you like to see and why?

Our loading procedure we would be interested in the functionality that shows the certain logs according to the volume inserted. That will mean if I make a photo of the pile and insert a certain number – 30 cbm then the application will show exact logs that will form this 30 cbm.

What advice would you give to those not using Timbeter yet?

Try to use it and you’ll see how Timbeter will make your workflow faster & smoother. Not only will the seller be among the winners, but also buyers – a win-win for all.


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