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Measuring Timber in Containers

Measuring Timber in Containers

Did you know that you can use Timbeter to measure logs in a container? The present method is to manually count the logs and their respective diameters. A laborious process for all concerned. Timbeter changes all that…

The team know that within harbour areas there is limited space and hence no measurement lines can be used. The present method is to manually count the logs and their respective diameters. A laborious process for all concerned.

Timbeter removes these restrictions and not only saves you time actually manually counting the logs, but importantly provides documentation stored in one place. What does this mean for all? Well now all parties (those counting and those requiring the log measurements) can access the correct data (containers, bill of ladings) in minutes. Your days of manual log-by-log measurement and Excel data insertion is now history!

Timbeter counts the number logs, their exact diameter and the volume in the container that connects to the bill of lading. Users can also mark defects if needed. This vital Information can be shared with other parties via e-mail or as a link: either by container or a bill of lading. By doing this way the purchasing party can receive digital proof upfront and have correct and accurate information on the log quality and quantity.

You might yourself have been involved in a dispute over this manually checked information because there was no evidence or documentation available. One party can accuse the other over inaccurately calculating the number of logs present or the quality is different that what has been agreed. Several companies have tried to solve the issue by taking photos of the logs in the container with a simple camera but these pictures got mixed together really quickly, and its impact was negligible to the parties.

Furthermore this did not really reduce the time taken to measure the logs. Considering that shipping can take up to month, solving arguments when the containers have already received, is a real pain for all involved. By using Timbeter the digital footprints are always available and can be easily assessed if needed. Logs can be re-counted and re-measured on the web.

What to reduce disagreement between all parties? Then try out Timbeter for free here. To get an invitation to use the container version then request your invite from the team at


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