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New Timbeter’s feature makes it possible to detect duplicate piles

New Timbeter’s feature makes it possible to detect duplicate piles

We are pleased to announce the ability to detect duplicate piles from measurements through Timbeter. Our development team finished testing the new functionality at the end of last year, and at the beginning of 2020, we have worked with selected customers to conduct pilot projects with the new feature with great results. 

The new functionality is already being used in many cases, for example, minimizing time and human error when identifying if a measurement contains duplicates, added control when working with subcontractors, and as an added check while transporting the logs to another location.

The feature is an add-on to Regular Timbeter application, and it is not part of the main distribution of Timbeter Log Counter or Timbeter Container. If your company is interested in this feature, please contact our Customer Support team to discuss adding this feature to your existing subscription at 

This new functionality works by comparing each pair of piles for similarity, and the process takes place in the cloud, not in the device, which makes it more efficient and secure since the process can not be altered by the user locally. Background, lighting, camera resolution, and quality do not affect the overall detection, although, here you can read our suggestions on choosing a device to use with Timbeter. 

The detection process happens in two stages. The first one eliminates more than 90% of the possible duplicates and, second, detects those cases that are more difficult to identify in a pile.

Duplicate Storage Module View

Information on log detection and individual comparisons are stored in Timbeter’s cloud, which means that if a small number of logs are added to an existing collection, duplicate detection takes even less time to complete since the data from previous measurements is already available. 


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