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Reference – what is it and why this is needed

Reference – what is it and why this is needed

When it comes to supporting our users, many of them ask us a simple, but interesting question: what is a reference? We are here to help and get you to have the best from Timbeter.

On Timbeter, a reference is a simple measurement tape/stick that helps solution to calibrate itself and gives correct results on the diameters and pile height.

A reference can be any object, but keep in mind that the length of it needs to be known and it cannot be less than 1 m or 4 ft. (Timbeter has both the metrical and imperial system). The reference can be placed to the pile vertically or horizontally, but always parallel to the pile and in a straight position.

In case of a large pile, we would always suggest to use also a longer reference, so you’ll have a more proportionally precise result. For example, if your pile is 20 meters long, a reference with 2 meters will do a nice job. 

Another important point is that the reference should always stand out from the rest of the pile – so we strongly recommend colors like bright yellow, pink and orange, as during the measurement process you’ll need to set a line showing exactly where the reference is placed. 

Always keep in mind that reference needs to be on the same level as the log ends. Otherwise results may be distorted. In case you have uneven logs in the pile, try to find a central spot. To minimize the possible distortion, step couple of steps back (you can read more about this topic here.

You need to insert the exact length of the reference in the data settings. As already mentioned, the reference cannot be less than 1 m or 4 ft. When the measurement has been made you need to set the reference – this means that the red line on the screen needs to match exactly the reference on the pile. Any deviation in setting the reference correctly may cause distortion in the results, so please, we advise you to be very careful in this step.

If you have placed the reference incorrectly and you notice that later, then you always have the possibility to correct the measurement line – in the device as well in the storage module.

Good news is also that now Timbeter enables to use the QR codes as a reference. So if you have more than 10 QR codes on the pile, the solution reads the information automatically. No need to use the reference stick separately. You can read more about this here. Using Timbeter is really easy: download solution to your phone, place the reference on the pile and get instant results. Try it out today!