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Timbeter, Container or Log Counter – which version of Timbeter to choose?

Timbeter, Container or Log Counter – which version of Timbeter to choose?

When a user searches for Timbeter on Google Play, three different products of Timbeter’s brand will be shown in the search results. Here is an overview of their key differences. 

The first thing you have to know regarding the different solutions provided by Timbeter is that each of them were created for one specific task and for a certain use scenario. The most popular version, Timbeter’s main app (simply stated as Timbeter when you download it), provides information on volumes, diameters, truck loads and density for log measurements in the field and log yards, click here for a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

Timbeter Container in the other hand is capable of providing detailed measurement results grouped in different Bills of Lading.

The Log Counter is the perfect tool for pole companies and businesses which are focused on counting large amounts of logs with similar volumes and diameters. It is tailored to timber exporters as well.

You might wonder which one to choose and we are happy to guide you through the process:

Timbeter (Main app)

Sawmill Owners & Manufacturers - Timbeter

Our most popular version of Timbeter was developed specially for those who are measuring logs in the field and log yards and want a powerful tool to have more accurate and faster results. With Timbeter, you’ll be able to get fast and accurate results for diameters, pile volume, truck load volumes and density coefficient (amount of wood without air and bark) with a simple picture. Timbeter also provides a panorama mode for taking multiple pictures as well as different special features that are useful for truck drivers, reporting and accounting teams, machinery specific requirements, culls, assortment division and much more. The information is easily shareable and is very important for volume and quality control for law enforcement agencies, proof of purchase for farmers and shipment control. You can provide real time data for reporting, storages and inventories and integrate our solution to your internal database. Timbeter is the most complete tool for digital log measurement and it’s already being used in more than 20 countries and hundreds of companies.  Click here to download it.

Timbeter Container

Containers & Shipping - Timbeter

Trading companies and big log exporters have a very useful solution for organizing their Bill of Ladings, exchanging information in real time and keeping control of the sales with Timbeter Container. If you export or import timber in containers and is looking for a complete tool to gather all the important data, by choosing Timbeter Container, you will be able to use both mobile application and a special web Storage Module to keep track of shipments, quality control and communication among trading parts. With Timbeter Container, a user is able to measure the diameters, volume of the log container, as well as send information regarding the species, assortment and all important data about the shipment in an easy and transparent way. Visit our Timbeter Container Website: https://timbetercontainer.com/ or click here to download it from the Google Play store

Timbeter Log Counter

Wood Poles Companies - Timbeter

If you are working with a pole company or want to measure large amounts of logs with the same diameter and length in a few minutes, Log Counter is the most efficient tool for log counting. With an easy system that can be downloaded in your smartphone or tablet, Timbeter Log Counter will provide the data regarding the measurement in less than 3 minutes, which can be easily shared for reports. We also can provide the web Storage Module as a feature, so get in contact with our team to know more. Click here to download it.

Which one is the best Timbeter tool for your business? Get in contact with our team and find out how Timbeter can help you. 


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