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Safer, healthier work environment and increased customer satisfaction thanks to Timbeter

Safer, healthier work environment and increased customer satisfaction thanks to Timbeter

This is exactly what our clients are reporting as a result of using Timbeter. Besides, the fact that manual measurements are hard to control and verify, those measurements are a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. In addition to the obvious positive aspects (speed, accuracy, digital data), there are also some other advantages in using Timbeter.

Healthier work environment

Everyone who works in the forestry sector knows that nature is always the biggest decision maker. From the growing speed of trees, plagues, weather conditions, humidity and many other details, fieldwork can be challenging for those who dedicate their lives into it. It’s not uncommon to hear from our users about delays in the field measurements caused by intense heat, heavy rain or snow.

When a user starts measuring with Timbeter, the measuring task itself has a proportional time reduction, since it takes only 3 minutes to detect and measure a whole pile with the help of artificial intelligence. This makes the work faster and much more effective. Combining with certain weather conditions in regions of extreme climates, both in freezing winters and melting summers, a simple picture taken with Timbeter will not only reduce the time dedicated to each pile as it will also provide a tool which can measure the piles afterwards – by using the “save” button in each measurement and leaving the measurement process for a more appropriate environment, such an office. 

As we talk about time reduction for time-consuming tasks, we also cannot forget the fact that fieldwork is also physically challenging, since measuring a pile requires the worker to perform a single movement countless times – stretching arms and hands hundreds of times in the same way to measure the diameters and volumes of a pile. These movements can be related to a medical condition – the repetitive strain injury (RSI), which requires specific treatment and takes time to be completely recovered, many times with specific medicine and physical therapy. These issues can cause a lack of staff and delays in places dealing with large amounts of logs. By using Timbeter, the log-by-log “measuring” movement is reduced to a single placement of a smartphone or tablet and the whole measurement of the pile takes 3 minutes, reducing human intervention and direct contact to the pile. 

Increased employee safety

Besides the well known weather conditions, one another interesting (and somewhat dangerous) issue forestry workers face are the risk of accidents with the piles and the venomous animals who find piles of logs their favorite habitat. It’s unfortunate to hear about accidents involving fieldwork, but it’s also not completely safe to stay on such a small distance from the pile of logs, where imbalances can happen, causing falls and even more serious accidents. On the other side, the presence of large amounts of wood is the perfect environment for different species of animals, mosses, fungi and bacteria. Especially in tropical areas, where large amounts of eucalyptus are harvested and measured, it’s really easy to find scorpions and snakes, animals who prefer to lodge under logs and close locations to the harvesting areas. These are risk situations for forestry workers and can be easily avoided by setting a safe distance from the piles while working. Besides using all required individual protection equipment, such as special helmets, gloves and boots, Timbeter is also important and helpful, since forestry workers can measure all the logs maintaining a safe distance from the piles, using only a smartphone or tablet. 

 Increased customer satisfaction

Besides being a safer option to implement Timbeter in your daily work, we all know that transparent and objective timber trade benefits both sides as less time is spent on arguing and, even in case of disagreement, there’s always clear digital proof available. Both sides have access to data and control everything happening in the “other side.” Data of measurement can be shared instantly. With Timbeter each and every measurement and transaction has a digital proof, meaning that all the measurements are done in an objective way based on AI-detection: therefore, there cannot be any more cheating or corruption.

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