Sebastião Oswaldo Ferreira, Forestry Inventory Analyst, “With Timbeter, we reached 100% traceability of measurements” | Timbeter
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Sebastião Oswaldo Ferreira, Forestry Inventory Analyst, “With Timbeter, we reached 100% traceability of measurements”

Sebastião Oswaldo Ferreira, Forestry Inventory Analyst, “With Timbeter, we reached 100% traceability of measurements”

Suzano is the largest pulp and paper company in Latin America. They have been using Timbeter since 2021. We had an interview with Sebastião Ferreira to show how Timbeter is benefiting their operations.

Initially, what drew your attention to Timbeter? What was the problem/issue you wanted to solve with the help of Timbeter?

Traceability and ease of use of the solution. We used to have manual or mechanical measurements with low quality. Hence, we sought for  Timbeter as a tool that is easy to use, agile and with the recording of images of 100% of the transported loads.

What are you using Timbeter for?

To measure the truck loads of round wood transported from the farms to the railroad terminal.

What are the results of implementing Timbeter? Can you give us an example or estimate of how the solution has made your processes faster or created efficiencies in your operation? What are the main processes in your company that have seen benefits from using Timbeter?

We reached 100% traceability of measurements. This is ensuring that the process is auditable and that brings very important information security for the business.

Can you point out any additional benefits?

It is mainly about information traceability: 

Storage and availability of data; 

Data reliability; 

Keeping evidence automatically stored in database; 

Feasible audits; 

It allows better consistency in the processes and we make sure that users performing the measurements are always identified by Timbeter.

How does Timbeter help you achieve your company goals?

I think that ensuring the quality of information collection that is linked to the recording of images as a way of auditing and tracking the data, are the key points to guarantee that the process is conducted in a clear and safe way.

How did workers perceive the implementation of the innovation? And how was the transition from the manual method?

We had a great reception from the collaborators during the implementation of Timbeter. As a first step, we did a proof of concept and everyone was able to observe how the innovative solution presented would benefit the company and them, such as professional gain for using a new measurement technology at work.

Did you get any unexpected results thanks to Timbeter?

Yes, improved clarity and high quality in data collection compared to the previous system used.

What is your experience with the Timbeter team?

We have a very consistent availability of the team. Always helping us in an agile and efficient way when they are demanded.

What do you like most about Timbeter?

Ease of use for the purpose we need and the recording of information in a database.

Based on your experience, which companies would you say would benefit most from using this solution?

All forest-based companies that do manual measurements using a ruler in their process. 

Would you recommend Timbeter to forestry companies in other parts of the world? Why?

Yes, because it is an easy-to-use solution that enables all information to be traced.


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