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Timbeter’s digital solution is changing the forestry sector by bringing transparency and efficiency to the measurement process from the field to the factory. Our AI-based solution enables sustainable forest management, increases safety of employees, maximizes the value of each log, helps to optimize logistics and guarantees fair trade transactions. Also, it helps to monitor and control the timber supply chain, supporting governments and law enforcement agencies to prevent illegal logging and keep better oversight on the volumes harvested.

Timbeter’s solution consists of two parts: three mobile applications, available for Android and iOS, targeted to specific use cases; and a Web platform we call Storage Module, a cloud computing solution that provides real-time overviews of your measurements, generates reports in just a few clicks, and more. 

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With Timbeter, the log measuring process can be quicker and more accurate. Timbeter provides tools for measuring log diameters, pile and truck volumes, and pile density coefficient in less than 3 minutes.

Timbeter Container

With Timbeter Container, trading companies and log exporters have an option to measure timber in containers, organizing their Bill of Ladings, exchanging information in real time and keeping control of the sales.

Timbeter Log Counter

Log Counter is the most efficient tool for log counting. Specially useful for pole companies or companies who want to measure large amounts of logs with the same diameter and length in a few minutes.

Storage Module

Our cloud-based platform provides real-time overview of the operations, enables measurement editing, the creation of instant reports and adding custom information in accordance with a company’s needs, user management, customization, among others.


Timbeter is a smart-device solution for accurate timber log measurement and data management. Measure your logs in a pile or on a truck using these great timber tools.

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