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Timbeter Container

Measure Timber Logs in Containers with Timbeter Container

The digital solution to accurately measure timber logs in containers, using Artificial Intelligence technology, leaving no room for error. Timbeter Container determines the number of logs, volume and diameter of each log. You can filter the diameters to see how many logs are in the specific range. Every pile has geotag that makes tracking the timber’s origins easier.

Download Timbeter Container for Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, take a photo of the timber in a container. Timbeter determines the number of logs, volume and diameter of each log. Every pile has is geotagged that makes tracking the timber’s origins easier.

Reduce your valuable time on making measurements and the boring process of inserting data!

Timbeter Container removes measurement and documentation problems, providing a straightforward tool for your reports. Information is easily shared and if disagreements arise, digital footprints are always available to check and assess.

Features include:

– Obtain the volume, log count and diameters of each and every log

– Timbeter Container contains 4 formulas which are used by log measurers all over the world

– QR codes detection. Connect logs with a QR code. You can track the log back to the plantation or source

– Pictures saved in the cloud

– Diameter distribution and range of diameters

– Real-time overview of all measurements done with different devices

– Detailed distribution of diameters/measurement report download in Excel by Container in our Web platform

– Filtering by different diameters measured, so you can filter the percentage of how many logs you have in a certain range

– Results easily shared via a link or e-mail

– Adding bill of ladings, containers, contracts, species and assortments

– All the pictures can be re-counted

– To access the Storage module, go to timbeter.com, log in with your email address and use all the benefits provided

– Timbeter can be integrated via an API with your other company tools including CRMs, bookkeeping, payroll or ERP, thus streamlining your sales, logistics planning and reporting

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