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South East Queensland Hauliers: You cannot go wrong with Timbeter

South East Queensland Hauliers: You cannot go wrong with Timbeter

We did an interview with Simon Coote, Log Export Packing Manager for South East Queensland Hauliers. They have been using Timbeter Log Counter to eliminate manual processes and make log counting easier, quicker and more accurate.

South East Queensland Hauliers(SEQH) is an Australian company, who provides a great variety of logistics and container transport services.

How did you first find information about Timbeter?
Looking for an app that would allow us to quickly count logs in stacks, we tried a couple but found Timbeter to be the best and easiest to use.

What do you use Timbeter for?
Due to the fast paced packing now in our operation our admin staff use the app to take pictures and check log count already packed in containers.

What were your main doubts about Timbeter and how did you overcome these?
All about learning what the app can do, once procedure is understood then works perfect, back up from Timbeter staff was great.

How did the workers perceive the innovation implementation? And how did the transition from a manual method go?
Workers in the field found it hard to use in the process due to the time frame allowed, admin staff on the other hand have found it much easier, quicker and more accurate than process used prior to having Timbeter. 

What are the results of Timbeter implementation?
Faster and more accurate results for log counting.

Did you have any unexpected results thanks to Timbeter?
Always, packing cradles loaded with small logs results from manual counting is always a lower figure than when Timbeter is used.

What is your experience with Timbeter team?
Excellent, support from Timbeter staff is exceptional.

What do you like most about Timbeter?
The ease of filtering out what you don’t want to count and the accuracy. Storage of past results is very handy at times.

Who else could benefit from using Timbeter? Who would you recommend it to?
Anyone that has to accurately record log numbers for declaring on documents.

What new features would you like to see and how can these help your business?
For our business the current app is offering all we need.

What advice would you give to those not using Timbeter yet?
Download the app use the free trial and see the benefits for yourself, for the timber industry you can’t go wrong.  Timbeter offer a basic log count app, measuring diameters app or the full version for shipping details when loading of containers with logs.