Successful partnership between Timbeter and CMPC presented to Estonian President in Chile | Timbeter

Successful partnership between Timbeter and CMPC presented to Estonian President in Chile

Successful partnership between Timbeter and CMPC presented to Estonian President in Chile
  • Timbeter joined the Estonian President’s Delegation visit to Chile from 15 to 18 of January 2020. 
  • President Kaljulaid highlighted the partnerships between Estonian and Chilean companies

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, during her first official visit to Chile, met with representatives from the Chilean pulp and paper company CMPC, one of most important companies in the sector, according to Forbes Global 2000 2018 ranking. 

During the meeting, CMPC’s representatives highlighted their cooperation with the Estonian technology company Timbeter, and described how the artificial intelligence start-up has helped them to speed up operations, increase employee safety and save resources. Timbeter has collaborated with CMPC for the past 2 years in their digital transformation, enabling higher transparency and better logistics planning.

President Kaljulaid said that she is really happy about the partnerships that Estonian and Chilean companies have built, and how Estonian start-ups are working with global leaders of the industry.  She also congratulated CMPC for being a truly digital pioneer of the forestry industry worldwide. 

“In Estonia, we have experienced how digital solutions can help to make people’s lives easier and reduce time spent standing in the queues. I’m delighted to see that digital solutions developed by an Estonian start-up help forestry employees in Chile to make their work quicker and in a more safer and efficient manner. Digital solutions are the key ensuring companies sustainability”.

The Director of Sustainability of CMPC, Nicolas Gordon, presented the company’s Sustainability Agenda to President Kaljulaid, and pointed out the importance for forestry industry leaders to be forerunners of sustainable development.  “CMPC has subscribed to the UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals and develops and actively participates in projects and initiatives to contribute towards achieving them. For CMPC, sustainability is the number one goal and digital solutions like Timbeter help to achieve this.“

President Kaljulaid also mentioned the fruitful results of the successful partnership between Timbeter and CMPC during her reception, in the evening of January 16th. 

Watch the video produced by CMPC on the use of Timbeter

Timbeter is an innovative Estonian company, whose solution is changing the forestry sector by bringing transparency and efficiency to the measurement process from the field to the factory. Timbeter enables quick and accurate timber measurement and data management using artificial intelligence. The software can count the number of logs, as well as to measure the diameters of the logs, volume and the pile density ratios for pulp-and fuelwood. All the measurements have a geotag, therefore the origin of the timber is always known, meaning that illegal logging can be prevented. The timber measurement is done digitally with the help of a smart-device (tablet, smartphone) and all the measurement data is stored in a cloud, providing real-time overview of the activities. Timbeter helps the forestry industry to save time and costs, making processes more objective and transparent and enabling better control.

This pioneering company has demonstrated its success on the local and global markets, collaborating with the largest international corporations like CMPC (Chile), International Paper (Brazil), Faber-Castell (Brazil), Siam Forestry Group (Thailand), Mekong Timber Plantations (Laos) in the sector.

CMPC is a Chilean pulp and paper company, being one of the biggest worldwide according to Forbes Global 2000 2018 ranking. It is a multinational corporation with almost 100 years of history and 17,247 workers directly employed. CMPC produces and markets wood, pulp, packaging products, household and non-household sanitary protection products, and tissue paper.

The company owns forest assets in Brazil, Chile and Argentina, and operates in 8 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.CMPC’s CEO Francisco Ruiz-Tagle has submitted and signed at the United Nations, the roadmap of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) on behalf of the forest industry in order to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.