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“Thanks to Timbeter, we lose less money”

“Thanks to Timbeter, we lose less money”

Thanks to Timbeter, we lose less money due to the logs being under required diameters”
Timbeter made an interview with our client Stephane, from Scierie Lemay Sawmill in Canada.

Stephane told us that the workers like using Timbeter because it speeds up the measurement process and limits the judgment errors. Also, he suggests for the ones that are not using Timbeter to start using it as soon as possible.

1)     How did you first find information about Timbeter?
I first saw information about Timbeter through Internet.

2)     What do you use Timbeter for?
I use the solution to determine the average size of the logs our company processes.

3)     How did the workers perceive the innovation implementation? And how did the transition from a manual method go?
They really like it, since it takes less time for the measurements and also limits the judgment errors.

4)     What are the results of Timbeter implementation?
We don’t lose money with logs that are out of our diameter range.

5)     What is your experience with Timbeter team?
My experience with Timbeter is very good.

6)     What do you like most about Timbeter?
I like how simple it is to use.

7)     Who else could benefit from using Timbeter? Who would you recommend it to?
I believe the solution can be recommended at all sawmills.

8)     What advice would you give to those not using Timbeter yet?
Start using as soon as possible!