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The New Forests Company: Timbeter supports stock control and third party auditing

The New Forests Company: Timbeter supports stock control and third party auditing

The New Forests Company is a sustainable, socially responsible forestry and timber products business with plantations in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

One of the benefits that Timbeter offers to forestry companies and plantation owners is tracking their stocks, preventing fraud, and improving the accuracy of their inventories. 

In this interview Benjamin van Heerden, Planning Manager at The New Forests Company, explains how Timbeter helps them to achieve this by supporting their auditing process, and how the images of the measurements are used to prevent fraud and theft.

Van Heerden explains that Timbeter has not only been useful for the company, but also by an external third party auditor, and says that the possibility to verify measurements remotely on a desktop has been highly beneficial.

Question: Initially, what called your attention to Timbeter? What was the problem/issue you wanted to solve with the help of Timbeter?

There were issues with stock tracking and subsequent fraud/theft that exploited this. Improved accuracy and currency of stocks were required.

What do you use Timbeter for?

Measuring inbound and outbound shipments as well as stocktakes for a pole treatment plant.

What are the results of Timbeter implementation? Can you give us an example or estimation on how has the solution sped up your processes, or created efficiencies in your operation?

Stocktake audits are streamlined. The photographic evidence attached to each measurement prevents fraud and/or theft that is associated with stock misrepresentation

Did you have any unexpected results thanks to Timbeter?

External (3rd party) audits found the tool useful. Inbound shipments are loaded irregularly, sometimes creating difficulties in readings. The opportunity to verify measurements remotely on a desktop is highly beneficial

What are the main processes in your company that have seen benefits from using Timbeter?

Stock control at a pole treatment plant.

How did the workers perceive the innovation implementation? And how did the transition from a manual method go?

There was a learning curve that had to be overcome. Training videos resolved most issues, and support staff are very helpful when there is a need.

What is your experience with the Timbeter team?

Very professional. Support is excellent

What do you like most about Timbeter?

Good support, fast, photographic evidence

From your experience, which companies would you say would benefit the most by using this solution?

Companies in the wood industry which base calculations on volume or piece-counts.

Would you recommend Timbeter to companies in the forestry industry in other parts of the world? Why? 

Yes – it has proven to work well in remote areas.

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