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Timbeter can be used in much more fields than you think

Timbeter can be used in much more fields than you think

In this article, we are glad to share the observations and feedback regarding the use of Timbeter by Guillaume Carr who spent two months working with our team as an intern.

When people first learn about Timbeter, their first impression is that Timbeter is only a tool for “diameter and volume measurements”, which is meant to replace something in the process of their company. It often stays unnoticed that Timbeter does not only offer a better measuring solution but provides new opportunities for everyday improvement and becomes an innovative step added in the working process. 

1 Functionality ≠ 1 possibility

Timbeter has many functionalities:

·        Log counter

·        Diameter measurement

·        Volume measurement

·        Density measurement

·        Truck measurement

·        Container measurement

It is very important to distinguish between what functionality is and what the possibility of use is – the thing is that each functionality has many possibilities. 

Likewise, Diameter measurement is a functionality which provides a variety of possibilities when being used; the information about the number of logs is needed at several stages: when a company receives the logs, before sorting the logs, cutting the logs, after some logs are cut, etc. Measuring log diameters is necessary for wood classification, volume measuring, sorting or buying logs for the future processing.  All these steps involve the usage of Diameter functionality and the above-mentioned possibilities are the ones which are currently used.

Imagine all the possibilities which are about to be discovered! What if the density measurement and the truck measurement could be the tools meant to optimize wood stacking in trucks or wood staking in general? 

We invite you to use Timbeter in the field and check out all the opportunities to use and all the functionalities in action. Feel free to contact us here

All company members play a special role

Even if you’re not the one responsible for wood measurements at your company, you can still talk about Timbeter. During my internship at Timbeter, I had the chance to exchange my knowledge and experience with technicians, workers, logistics managers, factory managers, teachers, students, truck drivers, secretaries, rangers and other posts.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how people were interested in Timbeter and eager to share their opinions and observations about the app. Also, the richness of the information I collected was directly related to the diversity of people around.

This proves that anyone can contribute to the progress and the evolution of a company due to the variety of perspectives and ways of thinking. So, please, keep in mind that all people are concerned and any comment and opinion from them is worth considering. 

Our team is always ready to guide you through the process to get the best of our solution and start using it to improve your business processes. Do you feel like sharing your user experience? Need to get in touch with us to learn more? Contact us at info@timbeter.com


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