Timbeter Container is disrupting the international logistics chains of the forestry industry by reducing the resources needed and making data available

Timbeter Container is disrupting the international logistics chains of the forestry industry by reducing the resources needed and making data available

The international supply and logistics chains of the forestry industry have been ready for a digital disruption for quite some time. Timbeter’s use of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing have been used successfully in the field and log yards, enabling volume tracking and controlling in real time along different locations, across different departments inside companies. But the international container shipment sector has been slower to adopt these technologies.

Timbeter Container, our solution for timber exporters, is a unique solution that brings all our technologies together, and adds specific functionalities for this sector. It is essential to the daily operations of companies in the United States, Australia and China, among others, that use the power of image recognition and cloud computing to reduce costs, avoid potential disagreements with receiving parties, all while tracking the shipments throughout the supply chain, and managing big amounts of data digitally.

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Georgia Exports Company, one of our customers in the US, is using Timbeter and Timbeter Container to manage a massive amount of data associated with timber exporting. Timbeter and Timbeter Container allowed them to reduce the hands-on processing time of their inventory, as well as maintain a smaller, but more efficient workforce. For Georgia Exports Company, managing their data digitally means they are able to instantly run analysis on their inventory, as well as generate various reports with the click of a button.

Timbeter Container was designed specifically to simplify the documentation process of the industry, making it possible to export all the information of the measurements to a customizable Excel file, organizing all the information in a Bill of Lading, and connecting this data to Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software, accounting solutions, or other systems through APIs. 

The ability to share information and proof of measurement beforehand, has been key for some of our clients exporting to markets that have complex customs procedures, avoiding disputes, saving time and money for all the parties involved. And the possibility of using QR codes that are recognized by Timbeter Container, means that it is easier to track shipments, and opens different possibilities for companies that use this technology to add more data points to their processes.

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