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Timbeter is now available in Italian

Timbeter is now available in Italian

Timbeter is happy to announce the launch of an Italian version of Timbeter.

The roll out with the new version of the application in Italian was completed in a recent update of the application available in the Google Play Store. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, there has been an increase in downloads of Timbeter from Italy. The forestry sector was declared as an essential activity in many countries, since many forest products are used in health care and personal hygiene. With the help of  Timbeter, companies managed to rearrange their operations due to restrictions quickly and smoothly.  Remote teams management as well as the reduction of the amount of people responsible for inventories and reports in the field or log yard was easily achieved with Timbeter. 

Timbeter allows to measure the diameters, volumes and trucks of wooden logs with practicality, speed and transparency using Artificial Intelligence. The solution can be easily used from smartphone or tablet, and all digital measurements can be managed in the cloud solution.

With this new version, Timbeter is now available in 15 languages, with more languages planned throughout the year.  

Timbeter company has demonstrated its success on the local and global markets, collaborating with the largest international corporations like CMPC (Chile), International Paper (Brazil), Faber-Castell (Brazil), Siam Forestry Group (Thailand), Mekong Timber Plantations (Laos) in the sector.

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