Timbeter launched the pilot project for efficient forestry management in Costa Rica with 30 companies

Timbeter launched the pilot project for efficient forestry management in Costa Rica with 30 companies

The Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica (MINAE), the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), the National Forestry Office (ONF), and Timbeter, launched the project “Implementing Timbeter’s technology for the efficient forestry management in Costa Rica”, with the first of four workshops on the use of Timbeter. 

The workshop was oriented to producers, companies, forestry organizations, and government officials involved in forestry management of the North Huetar and Chorotega regions of Costa Rica, with the goal of supporting forest management, and increasing competitiveness of the local forestry sector through digitization.

Pamela Castillo, Vice Minister of MINAE, said during the workshop “in moments like the ones we are facing, we need these kinds of digital solutions to make an effective management of our natural resources, allowing transparency and traceability. The forestry sector represents a solution based in nature with an immense potential, not only to generate immediate jobs during the reactivation of the economy, but to also generate new economical cycles. But for the forestry sector to be sustainable, and to have an added value, it is required to have these tools, and to develop these tools it is necessary that all stakeholders get involved”.

Additionally, Anna-Greta Tsahkna, CEO of Timbeter said “Timbeter’s solutions bring efficiency and transparency to the forestry supply chain, and we help digitize all movements of data. I hope this project would be an example in the digitization of data in the forestry sector, not only in Latin America but also in other parts of the world, I believe that digital solutions are the key to guarantee the sustainability of the forest”.

On the first stage of the project close to 30 organizations are taking part, among them forestry producers and companies, officials from SINAC, and members of the Agriculture Engineers Association of Costa Rica. They come from the North Huetar Region and the forestry cluster of Guanacaste, identified by the Costa Rican contraparts of the project. 

The workshops address the creation of reports and forestry inventories, measurements of timber logs on trucks, tracking operations in different locations in the field, among other important processes of the forestry sector that can be done digitally with Timbeter’s technology, which uses Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and Cloud computing to digitize the workflow management of the sustainable forestry industry. 

Timbeter’s technology makes it possible to track the volumes through the entire supply chain, from plantations to the sawmill or manufacturing company. With Timbeter, it is easy to monitor and control the volumes of roundwood, plan the logistics and make sure that the value of each log sourced in a sustainable and legal way reaches its maximum potential. 

The duration of the pilot project is 18 months. During this time, all the necessary localizations, integrations, and developments that are needed for the Costa Rican context, as well as any training and pilot with key stakeholders of the forestry sector, will take place.


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