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Timbeter provides undisputable data on the delivered amount

Timbeter provides undisputable data on the delivered amount

We made an interview with our customer Peteris Upite, the Production Manager of AmberBirch from Latvia.

Peteris shared with us that Timbeter is impressively accurate and helps them get correct volumes for incoming timber. Also, thanks to having the results immediately, they can avoid any disputes by having digital proof of measurement.

Initially, what called your attention to Timbeter? What was the problem/issue you wanted to solve with the help of Timbeter?

As a new established company of veneer peeling we were searching for a solid solution to efficiently measure incoming timber materials and as well to enable proper calculation for payments for incoming timber.

What do you use Timbeter for?

For measuring all incoming timber that comes from private owned forests and resellers.

What are the results of Timbeter implementation?

Clear visual communication with suppliers providing undisputable data on the delivered amount. 

Can you give us an example or estimation on how has the solution speeded up your processes, or created efficiencies in your operation?

Compared to other solutions – hard to estimate, but the results are available near immediately and are used accordingly, where other solutions were providing results not earlier than next day, or even within a week from delivery.

Did you have any unexpected results thanks to Timbeter?

Unexpectedly, when compared to manual measuring, the precision of Timbeter was impressive by having a deviation of only 3% (8m3 load spread on horizontal surface) and that only because of one missed log. Time to time the Timbeter precision is affected by light conditions, however birch is not easy, as to determine the border between log end and bark is sometimes very difficult.

What are the main processes in your company that have seen benefits from usingTimbeter?

Measuring and accounting incoming raw material

How did the workers perceive the innovation implementation? And how did the transition from a manual method go?

Lot of times we hear words of surprise, that this is what we rely upon and how precise it is. We never have used manual method, except for testing and verification (science)

What is your experience with the Timbeter team?

No real interaction has been necessary, but the one that has been had, was perceived as talking to real professionals of their thing.

What do you like most about Timbeter?

Fast and easy to share results.

From your experience, which companies would you say would benefit the most by using this solution?

Complete chain of timber delivery until processing

Would you recommend Timbeter to companies in the forestry industry in other parts of the world? Why?

Above mentioned reasons and because of being a user friendly and easy to operate system for timber material accounting.

*Image: AmberBirch Latvia. https://www.amberbirch.lv/