Timbeter receives certification in Chile | Timbeter

Timbeter receives certification in Chile

Timbeter receives certification in Chile

The Chilean company CESMEC S.A., part of the Bureau Veritas Group, issued a certification for Timbeter, verifying its accuracy.  CESMEC S.A. conducted the testing on behalf of Forestal Mininco SPA, a CMPC Chile company, which has been using Timbeter since 2017. The test took place at the end of May 2020 in Chile. 

CMPC Chile has obtained positive results with the use of Timbeter since 2017, supporting safety efforts implemented by the company, reducing the time workers spent near heavy machinery while conducting measurements and therefore reducing the risk of accidents. The company has also reported the positive effect on high transparency in the supply chain and precise data for logistics planning thanks to the use of Timbeter. Also, Forestal Mininco has managed to save 45% of 45 tonnes of the paint used. 

For the certification process, CESMEC S.A. used the International JAS norm, as well as the Ruma Meter, on 116 industrial logs. The Chilean company is certified with the Norm NCh-ISO 17025 for testing laboratories and calibration. 

Recently, in the conditions of COVID-19, Timbeter solution is helping companies to meet the requirements of social distancing and collaboration between teams in different locations, providing real-time information for logistics planning and making data available throughout the supply chain. 

Timbeter is continuously working on adding new features and releasing updates to its cloud solution and mobile applications. Among the new features released recently is the Duplicate Detection, which makes it possible to detect duplicate piles from measurements done with Timbeter. This feature helps companies to detect if there has been multiple measurements made from a pile or part of it, in order to avoid any possible miscalculations in the supply chain or in the process of inventories.  In the past months, Timbeter has also added language localization for Italian, Chinese and Hindi.  

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