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Timbeter Storage Module Contains Ground Breaking Tools

Timbeter Storage Module Contains Ground Breaking Tools

The team and I are thrilled to announce some pioneering features contained in the Timbeter storage. Timbeter explains why you should be using this new feature for all your log measuring calculations.

From the recent feedback received, many of our leading users have have already noticed that we have added the active storage status and inventories functionality.

The inventories functionality enables you to quickly and efficiently obtain precise asset record-keeping.

Insert your customized assortments – species, length, quality, price (these are synchronized with the measurement application). The active storage status will provide up-to-date information regarding various assortments and species within the storage, hence making it even easier to detect whether there is a deficit or surplus of any assortment.

For the few of you who have not taken advantage of our awesome storage module, here is a brief overview for getting you started:

All measurements made within Timbeter are stored in the storage module, with the intuitive dashboard providing a list of your latest measurements. The best feature of the storage module is that it is easy to filter information according to your requirements: contract number, location, tree species and many more. Furthermore your saved data can be downloaded in an Excel file should you need to send this to another party avoiding discrepancy disagreements.

Additionally every detailed view of the measurement can be drilled down to view the exact information on every log diameter (again downloadable into Excel if required). But what if you need to re-measure? Not a problem all measurements can be re-measured: you can either correct the reference, add or delete logs, or modify the surface area. A large screen is available making it more comfortable if you are measuring smaller log diameters or lower pile density. Once again the top use of the storage module is the ability to analyze and forward the data to third parties avoiding potential disputes.

Timbeter’s storage module contains a Reports functionality, empowering you to create measurement reports in a few clicks. Select specific measurements from your dashboard and Timbeter automatically generates your reports, summarizing the value of different assortments and listing the diameters of every log. The Reports functionality not only enables easier data sharing between companies, but actually reduces data processing.

What’s happening next? The team are building a customized reports feature, meaning that users can easily generate reports from Timbeter that are fitted exactly to your standard settings.

Is there a feature that you need incorporating? Let the team know here.


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