Timbeter’s Customer support is here to help you! Find out how. | Timbeter

Timbeter’s Customer support is here to help you! Find out how.

Timbeter’s Customer support is here to help you!  Find out how.

While our development team is constantly working on technical improvements to provide you the most fast and accurate detection and the most useful features, our Customer Support department is always ready to help our clients with any questions starting from basic information to any technical concerns and finding the perfect measurement solution for your working process.

On behalf of the entire department: we are here to help you. So, how can you contact us if needed?


To contact Timbeter HQ, please dial +372 5193 9593 

To contact Timbeter BRAZIL, please dial +55 11 3042 0113

Messengers (Skype/WhatsApp/Viber)

Get in contact with us via the above-mentioned messengers!

Call or text us on WhatsApp/Viber +372 5193 9593

Find us on Skype @Timbeter


To follow up your recent post on Timbeter technologies, guidelines and forestry insights, visit our Facebook page and don’t hesitate to text us in case of any questions.


Maybe Twitter is considered simply as one of our social media accounts but our Twitter announces not only useful articles that we made but the most recent ones welcoming inquiries and opinions from the followers. Also we usually announce our updates of the app to remind the users of updating it and be ready for their questions about the new or improved developments. 


Please, email us: info@timbeter.com

In-app messenger Intercom

For our Android users, there is no need to close the app to contact us – simply use or in-app solution. Press the “Chat” red button on your main screen to start a conversation.

After the new window is opened, type your message and send it by pressing the red button. The response will appear soon! 

Via Intercom, we can also share different kinds of data with you. For example, we can send you the direct links to our video instructions.

A new message will appear like this when you open the application.

Apart from that, we can also attach different kinds of documents, and you can open these files right away.

No matter which channel you prefer, our team will provide you the immediate customer support via any of the above-mentioned channels.