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Transparency is the winning formula

Transparency is the winning formula
„We reached 100% traceability of measurements. This is ensuring that the process is auditable and that brings very important information security for the business.“

“The use of Timbeter as a third party system for calculating volumes has completely negated the risk of bias present in manual measurements systems.“

„Clear visual communication with suppliers providing undisputable data on the delivered amount.“

These are only a few quotes from Timbeter’s customers. Very straightforward and powerful feedback, proving that there is an ongoing transformation towards a transparent, sustainable and climate friendly forest sector. Team-Timbeter is delighted to witness this positive change. In fact, we are proud to be part of this positive transformation.

The last decade has been a real game changer in integrating climate policy into the national and regional forest policy in support of sustainable forest management. Climate Conference COP-27 in Sharm el-Sheikh was clear proof for this. Never has there been such a strong focus on reducing deforestation, commitments for reforestation, protection of primary forests or fighting with illegal logging. According to the UN Environment Programme and Interpol, illegal timber trade is estimated up to 100 billion USD annually. Exactly the same amount that the countries of the world have agreed to invest for climate change mitigation and adaptation under the Paris Agreement. Seems to be an inevitable loss? Guess again. Time is ripe for harnessing precision forestry AI technology.

Timbeter’s digitalized accurate information provides transparency and traceability for the whole supply chain, supports fair trade transactions and fights against illegal logging. Years long technology development is proving its benefits. We could notice growing awareness among the traditional forest industry, ambitious discussions among politicians and pressure from society. All parties have to admit that digital green technology is indispensable for ensuring sustainable forestry and for valuing biodiversity. In addition to that, traceable and accurate data enables accountable assessment of forest resources and carbon sequestration. And fortunately a segment of smart customers are requesting a very simple, but very crucial question – where is this particular timber product originating from?

Timbeter’s capacity to provide transparent and real-time data has been recognized to be a prerequisite for efficient use of timber resources. Our mission is to steadily support digital transformation in forestry and we are seeing growing interest of the industry and investors to fulfill it successfully and sustainably. In all transformations surely there are winners and losers. The winning formula consists of 100% traceable value chains with undisputable data.

Join the winners. Join Timbeter.