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We renewed Timbeter! What’s different compared to the last version?

We renewed Timbeter! What’s different compared to the last version?
Based on the feedback and experience of many users we have been working on Timbeter’s user experience. Our goal was to make it more simple, more logical and also save time. Download Timbeter on Google Play.

What’s new in version 3.0?

1)   Simpler, new and more logical sequence of activitiesWe have often experienced that users considered the entry of data as a first step troublesome and uncomfortable. In the new version sequence of activities is different. First of all, user needs to make a picture first, then enter the data. At the same time log-detection is taking place. After the data entry, user needs to set the reference, correct the logs if necessary after which the result will appear.

2)   Time-saver

At the same time user is entering the data, log detection is taking place and it will save time. So compared to the previous version, advanced users can have results already in 2 minutes instead of 5. And there’s always a possibility to make a picture, store it and finalize the measurement later.

3)   Measurement method

Users were often confused by the variety of selections of different measurement methods and sometimes didn’t understand what method they were using. Now it is much more clearer as the user needs to make a selection of measurement method already in the beginning of data entry.

4)   Entry of data

In case the user is in a rush, he/she can enter only a couple of data fields. If desired, he/she can fill extra fields, entering the data related to assortment, quality and storage.

5)   Registration is easier

“Less is more” new users now have to register only once to use the measurement application and storage module.

6)   Interactive tutorial

All new users can use the interactive tutorial to go through all the activities and get overview of the solution. 

Download Timbeter application on Google Play Store.

For additional information please contact us info@timbeter.com or call +372 5193 9593


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