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Well hidden secrets of Timbeter

Well hidden secrets of Timbeter

We have earlier written about different functionalities of Timbeter. Our work process includes close communication with the client, so we can understand the problems and use-cases which need to be solved. Typically, this involves also some process re-engineering and it is always good to advise how some other clients are solving this particular problem.

But there’s still a load of special features available that we haven’t written about and most probably you are not aware of. The reason why we haven’t included these into our standard functionality package is not to confuse the user and keep things simple. But now it is time to reveal these very well kept secrets:

1. Panorama portrait
2. Diameter profiles
3. Custom Excels
4. Inventories
5. Weight conversion

1. Panorama portrait enables the user to make measurements in a condition with limited space or when the pile is really high. For these kind of occasions, the user simply turns its device into portrait mode and makes regular panorama measurements.

2. Diameter profiles enables to see different diameter groups (small, medium, large) with different colors. This feature makes it easier and more visual for the user to understand the composition of a certain pile of logs, determined by diameters on different ranges and colors. From the storage side, users will always see how many logs and the percentage of the diameter group is taken/stored from the total volume.

3. Custom Excels help users to get all the needed information in the format that they have used to. With just one simple click all the needed data is available regarding the stores, volumes, assortments, diameters etc. Timbeter also has the possibility to have the following information: geolocation, picture of the pile, number of logs, diameters, time and date also in the PDF/printout format. It is easier to print out the information or share the measurement link, for example, if a company is buying timber from the local farmers.

4. Inventories enable to compare if all the incoming/outgoing volumes are in correspondence with the actual storage status. It’s an easy and efficient way for users to handle all the needed information and make sure that there’s nothing missing during the production process.

5. Weight conversion is a feature that easily enables to convert the volume into weight. The user simply needs to enter its conversion factor and all the required data is instantly available.

Sounds interesting? Let us know what feature you would like to use in your everyday work! If you want to know more about our special features, please get in contact on info@timbeter.com.