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What is bringing digitization to the forestry sector?

What is bringing digitization to the forestry sector?

In the forestry industry, we still see the same processes and machinery used in a very traditional way as they were used decades ago. While the world is changing at a high speed, it’s the role of innovation managers and their teams to find solutions that will improve the workload, increasing demand while still aiming for profitability and efficiency. It’s the innovation team’s main task to look for suitable ways to make a difference and focus on what’s best for a company. These processes usually take time, need to be adapted and incorporated by other teams, demanding full cooperation among different collaborators to make those innovative solutions work. 

During the first quarter of 2020, many companies all over the globe had to establish new ways to keep their processes running flawlessly, since home-office became an alternative to measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the work in the fields needed to be as safe and careful as possible, turning contactless operations almost mandatory. In this case, company teams, researchers and the population, in general, have to come out with solutions for an unexpected turn of events. And innovation teams are running against time to find suitable methods to improve work quality and efficiency during these times. It’s important to keep the wheels turning, but it’s more important to adapt and overcome difficulties in a creative, digital and better way – changing their relationship with work in the long term.

Innovative solutions in the fields and factories are taking the spotlight of processes that stayed unchanged for decades, and the time has come for companies to put in practice their ideas, solutions and even different prototypes. These solutions are usually meant to help the industry to be more efficient in general, but during difficult times, they become a must-have for the forestry sector, an alternative to the traditional methods of work and production. Our team at Timbeter is also ready to help during this set of unexpected events and new ways to produce. We offer a completely digital solution that increases efficiency and safety in the fields and factories, meaning that the measurement of logs can now be made in a contactless way and based in Artificial Intelligence.

Timbeter’s timber measurements and data management numbers are increasing each day, meaning that companies in the sector, due to the current situation, are understanding that a digital and safe way to do a traditional task can be way more efficient and helpful for the collaborators. Timbeter is also really easy to use and implement – you simply need to download our mobile application on your Android or iOS device and start measuring. Digital pile measurements with Timbeter take around 3 minutes to be completely ready, meaning that less time is spent by collaborators in the field, avoiding any unwanted contact. Also, it’s possible to check all the measurements remotely, helping collaborators working on home-office regime to keep track of their inventories, storage, and operations, seeing pictures of the real piles and their volumes, diameters and much more.

Our team also joined forces with Agtech Garage, from Brazil, to help small and medium producers to take part in these changes and use Timbeter in their daily operations, making their jobs easier, more accurate, efficient and safe, since it’s a highly technological solution and very affordable, enabling smaller companies to participate on the digital transformation in the industry. You can contact our team to have more information on how you can start using Timbeter and keep track of your operations digitally, and also to know how we are helping the industry during these uncertain times. 

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