Good news! Advanced timber measurement functionality finally released. Now Timbeter can measure piles 10 times faster!
Summer has been busy. In July we released our new functions: log counting and log diameter recognition. Now Timbeter can measure piles 10 times quicker: it used to take 2 guys and 20 minutes, now the measurement can be done by single person in 4 minutes. Plus all the data regarding the measurement is available in real-time and can be easily tracked within the storage module.

But There’s More

First of all, the cull-marking. After the measurement has been done, the user can mark cull on different logs and specify the reason: wrong diameter, rot or something else. Companies can enter their common reasons for cull within the storage module and these reasons become available inside the application. By default, the application offers the following options: wrong diameter, rot, wrong size and crookedness. To avoid later arguments, the picture with the marked cull can be sent to the seller more easily and faster.


Secondly: advanced reporting. There is already a possibility to filter the measurement data and download it into Excel. Now can our users generate different, custom-made reports that will reduce the work time spent with Excel. Furthermore: we are currently collaborating with RMK (ESTONIAN FORESTMANAGEMENT CENTRE) so that the measurement reports can be sent to their systems automatically. So the only things the users have to do are: measure, mark the cull, approve the report with one click and DONE!

Exciting New Project

Really important topic is the density ratio fixation. Pulpwood and firewood are measured using the method of pile density ratio. We are working towards that this measurement can be done automatically with the help of Timbeter. In the beginning of June we started a pilot project concerning data collection with RMK and VMF that will be used for functionality development. Hope to have the first test-version ready for user-testing by the end of October.

New Market Expansion

I´m also happy to inform that we are available on the Russian market and we have integrated the GOST 2708-75 Лесоматериалы круглые into our application.

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