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Why is precise digital timber measurement important?

Why is precise digital timber measurement important?
Sometimes it is good to remind why we started developing Timbeter at the first place. For me, coming from IT sector, it was really hard to understand how things work in forestry. How is it possible that measurement is done only with the help of visual observation to determine the pile density coefficient?

But how to reduce costs and improve useful information? Wood material is expensive, so error margin can easily cause significant material loss. Especially when you are a forest owner and have little experience.

And counting the logs one-by-one? It really takes time! And afterwards, you only have marks on your paper which can be troublesome when you later need to prove something or find an error in counting – impossible!

Timbeter app helps to make the measurement quickly and precisely, plus all the data is digitally available.

Here you can find a list of problems that Timbeter helps to solve

  1. Untrackable measurement.

    Precise measurement and digital proof help to minimize the risks of potential financial loss. With Timbeter you will always know what was measured, when and where. Digitally stored measurement data can be easily shared and accessed. When choosing Timbeter you are buying an insurance that will get you the right price for your timber.

  2. Arguments.

    In case of a debate, digital proof and is available and evidence exists in digital form.  Measurement can be re-measured. An argument is based on something real, not something that has already been cut into pieces.

  3. Lack of transparency.

    Yes, we can say that timber measurement is complicated. And there are many formulas to calculate the volume of timber. But it still needs to be understandable and transparent on both sides.

  4. Time.

    Measurement of logs one-by-one is really time consuming and ineffective. And it makes your back ache. With timbeter app you can forget all the hassle. Timbeter does the job automatically in just a couple of minutes.

  5. Double entries.

    Lot of data is still on the paper. But papers can get lost easily. With Timbeter, all the data is being backed-up, stored and available in a digital form. You can access, manage, forward and share data easily.

  6. Too many excel tables.

    Before you had all the information of diameters in one excel, then you had to compile another excel for measurement report. Not any more. Everything can be easily done on Timbeter storage.

  7. No information on origin.

    Different institutions require clear proof on the origin of timber. And that can be hard to prove. Timbeter’s location feature gives you the exact geo location of every log pile measured, preventing illegal logging.

So now I have explained why we first started building Timbeter. And why we are not trying to measure anything else, but timber. There are simply so many challenges in timber industry that need to be overcome.

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