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Measure timber in pile, truck or container

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Timbeter is easy to use

Timbeter is an easy to use timber measurement tool. Simply take a photo with an app of the timber whether in a pile, on a truck or in a container. If your pile is too large for single photo, then use the panorama setting.
Timbeter determines the number of logs, volume and diameter of each log. You can filter the diameters to see how many logs are in the specific range. Every pile has geotag that makes tracking the timber’s origins easier.
Every measurement is stored in a cloud providing a real-time overview of measurements related to their species and qualities. Timbeter enables you to re-measure every pile in the web should you need to.
Timbeters’ storage empowers you to analyze and share your measurements quickly. You can view inventories, active storage statuses and create instant reports in a few taps of a button, aiding managers and accountants to remain informed and up-to-date.


Forest owners

Know what your timber is worth! Control the harvest volume in your forest using precise measurements and digital footprints. Share your measurements with other parties ensuring you get the right price for your timber. If the other party disagrees, simply re-measure the timber with Timbeter!


Save 90% of your time on measuring timber! Measuring logs one-by-one is inefficient. You could be doing other tasks in the time saved. Timbeter’s measurement system is fast, digitally available, easy to analyze, provides a real-time overview of stock that you can forward and share. All this power at your fingertips in a few clicks!

Transportation companies

Measure timber accurately! Varying conditions and formulas make measuring timber complicated. Using Timbeter it’s quick and accurate, helps to avoid overloading your trucks. Measurements are digitally available and easy to share.

Harbor operators

Save your time on making measurements and inserting data. Loading logs into containers, measuring them and compiling a bill of ladings is time consuming. Timbeter removes this measurement and documentation problem, providing a simple tool for reporting. Information is easy to share and if there are disagreements, digital footprints are always available to assess.

Timbeter reduces time spent on measurement and data entry

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Quick
  • Transparent
  • Traceable
  • Paper-free
  • Efficient

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Log diameter measurement with Timbeter

Panorama measurement with Timbeter

Cull-marking with Timbeter

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