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Digital supply chain management for timber

Our Timber Resource Planning ensures that the forestry industry & governments increase sustainability, efficiency and profits.

First 10 measurements are free. No credit card required.
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How Timbeter works

Start managing timber in 3 quick steps.

Take a photo
Take a photo

Take a photo of the timber pile with your smartphone or tablet.

AI analyzes the image
AI analyzes the image

Our solution uses AI and machine learning technology to detect logs and calculate their diameters.

Sync to dashboard
Sync to dashboard

Dashboard—our cloud storage—provides overview & management of all resources on your mobile, laptop or PC.

Our solutions

Timbeter offers an array of solutions tailored for diverse forestry use-cases.

Digital supply chain management for timber

Timbeter Dashboard Dashboard

Manage and analyze timber inventory effortlessly. Secure cloud storage for log data, real-time updates, and easy team access.

Get a detailed distribution of diameters
Edit & manage measurements
Add storages, species, defect reasons & more

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First 10 measurements are free. No credit card required.

About us

A forest tech company, with locations worldwide, Timbeter’s aim is to eradicate illegal logging and improve timber supply for both log buyers and sellers using a pioneering algorithm.

Timbeter statistics
2.1+ million
measurements made
50 countries
clients use Timbeter
120+ tons
spray paint saved
150+ years
time saved
55+ tons
paper saved

What our customers are saying

Learn how Timbeter has helped companies solve problems & achieve results.

The New Forests company

Stocktake audits are streamlined. The photographic evidence attached to each measurement prevents fraud.

Benjamin van Heerden, Manager at The New Forests Company, Africa
Georgia Exports Company

Timbeter has given our company the ability to instantly run analysis from multiple angles on various aspects of our sprawling inventory.

Joshua Maynard, Operations Manager at Georgia Exports Company
Green Resources

The use of Timbeter as a third party system for calculating volumes has completely negated the risk of bias present in manual measurement systems.

Hampus Hamilton, the General Manager of Forestry

With Timbeter, we reached 100% traceability of measurements.

Sebastião Oswaldo Ferreira, Forestry Inventory Analyst
Mekong Timber Plantations

Infield stock and truck loads can be measured much faster. Massive cost saving for us.

Ian Du Plessis, Operations Manager at Mekong Timber Plantations

Thanks to Timbeter we can now plan our logistics based on the pile volumes.

Julio Tobar, Chief of Project Area at CMPC Mininco

Timbeter is supporting sustainable development goals

Hover or tap on a goal to learn how Timbeter is helping.

Timbeter’s digital tool removes completely the need for physical log handling in close proximity during measurements.
Timbeter promotes digital transformation in forestry through AI technology to enable effective and transparent monitoring and supervision of timber and wood products.
Timbeter provides innovative technological upgrading in forestry and increases economic productivity – faster, efficient and transparent processes.
Timbeter provides successfully accurate data from measuring also lower quality timber. It helps to optimize resource realisation according to the value chain needs and not to waste timber.
Timbeter software is convenient to use and accessible for everyone, which also allows to empower more women workforce in the forestry.
Timbeter solution is 100% paperless and do not need specific hardware – it works properly in all smartphones and tablets.
Timbeter’s technology promotes the inclusivity and expands applicable workforce for forestry. Transparency in state forestry supports better inclusion of society accessing to forest management data.
Traceable and real-time data reduces illegal logging and fights with forest biodiversity loss and degradation, socio economic challenges and threatened livelihoods of rural and indigenous communities.
See it in action

First 10 measurements are free. No credit card required.