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How to implement Timbeter in your organization

November 6, 2020
How to implement Timbeter in your organization
The implementation of new technologies in your daily processes requires time, readiness to change and reengineering the existing processes. To help overcome these steps, Timbeter offers companies to run a one-month long pilot project, so collaborators from different units can understand how Timbeter’s solutions will increase efficiency in their operations.

Timbeter’s team will be supporting the organization throughout the trial and help to find solutions to any topic raised. The pilot project also contributes to organizational learning and gives inspiration and ideas into new business development.

Here are the 5 most important things that need to be addressed during the pilot.

1. Identifying use-cases and selecting correct measurement regimes

Timbeter offers a variety of different measurement regimes and features: diameter, truck, pile or pile density, covering all possible use-cases within different organizations. To learn more, click here to read an overview. Select and use the option that follows your current company’s measurement process.

When validating the results, make sure you compare “apples to apples” and “oranges to oranges”, meaning that the most important part of the process is to compare results from manual measurements with Timbeter by using the same methods. If the current process is based on a highly subjective person-dependent visual observation, then it might be challenging to determine what is the “truth” behind this estimate. 

With Timbeter, all the measurements are in digital format and all the data and pictures are available for comparison – which is not the case when measurements are simply done based on the human eye. What we also have discovered is that even though the company has regulations and processes in place, during the implementation and comparison of Timbeter with manually made results, a lot of hidden discrepancies are discovered, showing that some processes should be changed internally.

Our customer support is happy to share any relevant examples that can be easily implemented within the organization. 

Interested in reading some examples, click here to read about how Timbeter is helping Georgia Exports Company in their daily operations

2. Company specific data

Storages, species, reason of defect and any custom information that needs to be connected to measurements can be quickly added to Timbeter. Make sure that you have added your company specific data, so Timbeter would be even easier to use for your collaborators during the pilot process. 

For that, our company provides training on the Web Storage Module functionalities, allowing collaborators to understand how to add specific information regarding the company and manage devices, users, storages and much more with a few clicks.

3. Special features

In addition to the existing  features Timbeter has nearly 20+ special features that are not instantly visible in the standard solution: weight density, dynamic diameter distribution, duplicates  – to name just a few. These features are used by different clients all over the world according to their needs and specifications regarding wood measurement to increase efficiency and have a better management of the supply chain.

Ask and discuss any ideas with our customer-support team at info@timbeter.com – maybe there is a new business development idea that can easily be done with the help of Timbeter.

4. Use of data and reports

Timbeter provides options to download information in Excel or PDF formats. Is this suited to replace the reports that are currently made by collaborators or you need something extra? Figure this out with the help of our customer support as we also have different templates available.

Include different departments into the conversations with Timbeter’s support team. Maybe there’s some other people or divisions who would greatly benefit from the data available through Timbeter?

Get in touch with our customer support team in your language at info@timbeter.com 

5. API integration

There are many companies that are using Timbeter’s data through API in their IT-systems that are already in place. Timbeter is easy to integrate with any ERP or accounting system. Analyze your needs and see how you can benefit the most from the data provided by Timbeter.

Just recently McKinsey shared the report “Data: The next wave in forestry productivity”.  With Timbeter you can capture all needed data from the forest and use it for better logistics, planning and production to increase your company productivity.

Get in contact with our team at info@timbeter.com and request a pilot that starts the digital transformation of your company. 

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