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How to manage teams remotely with the help of Timbeter

May 14, 2020
How to manage teams remotely with the help of Timbeter
Timbeter offers different features that makes it easy for companies to manage their teams remotely, share data instantly and run processes quickly and in real-time.

Timbeter’s solution consists of 2 parts — the mobile app that is used for making measurements and the cloud storage where all the data can be easily managed.

  • Storage Module

  • Mobile Application

In this post, we explain how to take advantage of Timbeter’s functionalities to comply with safety guidelines to reduce contact, and keep operations running with less exposure time of people in the field and log yard. 

All information comes together into a single dashboard enabling remote team work

With Timbeter, all the information from different devices comes together into the storage module. This means that all the measurements made with different devices will be visible to the people using Timbeter’s dashboard in real time. So people in charge of logistics, production or sales have access to the needed information and have this data available for the next steps in the supply chain. So even if the whole administration is working from different locations, they will still have an instant overview of what is happening in the field.

Connecting new devices to the company account

Once one company account is being created, it is easy to add devices that will provide information on measurements. New users simply need to download Timbeter, click “Already have an account” and enter the code that is available in the storage module of the organization. This way, the company can roll-out the solution to different sites in minutes.This means that when there are any restrictions on the movement and, for example, a person in charge of inventories cannot go to the field, another person can quickly take this task over.

Adding users to see the activity on the field

Users are the ones who can see the information on the dashboard: managers, logistics and sales people. New users can be invited to the storage module by simply sending an invite via email.

Adding company specific data

All the company specific data can be easily added from the storage module and this will appear in all the devices connected to the account. Species, assortments, reasons of defect — with Timbeter it is easy to customize information according to the specifics of the company. The custom changes are added to the mobile application when synchronization happens.

Reviewing and editing measurements

Access to the storage module allows users — according to their user roles — to check, analyse and even edit measurements online. This means that all the measurements made in the log yard can be managed by a different user that might be working at a different office or from home, in real time. All the information can also be shared via PDF or with a link to different collaborators, easing supply chain and logistics processes, decreasing time spent in the operations and increasing efficiency. Besides that, with a digital measurement system and a picture of each and every measurement, it is easier to also forward all the information to different commercial partners, avoiding claims and increasing transparency. 

Advantages of using digital measurements with Timbeter

As we explained in this article, during periods when management or a collaborator cannot be in the log yard are no longer a problem. By using a digital method for log measurements and data management, such as Timbeter, all the processes are made easier and more efficient due to the fact that all the data is available in the cloud, and a measurement proof can be easily shared among teams and partners. Besides the fact that a tool that uses both a digital measurement device and a web storage module make the work processes easier, it’s also known that digital measurement methods are more accurate and trustworthy than traditional manual measurements. 

Here is one use case example reported by one of our customers: 

For a regular monthly inventory, only one person was chosen as the person in charge. Not only the whole inventory process was completed by only one person in 8 hours (for both taking pictures with Timbeter and measuring) compared to 14 hours as it used to be before, but among the additional benefits, the company pointed out the final reports were better (visual and checkable) which were entirely available for the users in charge right after the measurements had been completed. 

The standardization of a measurement method assures that every single pile will be measured in the same way with Artificial Intelligence, decreasing the human error and increasing the overall quality of it. The best part of it: Timbeter measurements can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. 

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