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Timbeter’s new logistics module provides full transparency of the supply chain

August 22, 2023
Timbeter’s new logistics module provides full transparency of the supply chain

Timbeter has launched a new logistics module that enables it to track the movement of trucks in real-time and comply with the EUDR requirements

Timbeter’s new module adds more functionalities to the existing truck measurement, enabling it to control the movement of the trucks. All the trucks can easily be followed from the dashboard, having the precise information about each load: volumes, assortments and any other relevant data. This solution helps the companies have information about the driven miles, helps discover any discrepancies in the movement of trucks and reduces time spent on reporting. It also helps to avoid any bottlenecks and provides up-to-date information on the logistics process. 

How does it work?

After completing the measurement of the truck load, the driver can conveniently activate the tracking function to monitor the movement and route in real-time, instantly viewable on the dashboard. All the pertinent data, including volume, assortments, trucks, and the precise starting and finishing coordinates of the route, become immediately accessible. This enables companies to effortlessly access truck-specific data for generating reports and statistics. Moreover, the system aids in calculating the CO2 footprint for each route, providing companies with precise information about their overall emissions.

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Why is it important?

The EU has adopted the EUDR that requires companies to provide geo-localisation coordinates  (latitude and longitude of all plots of land) from where the wood-products were harvested- as well as the date and time range of production.

How can I start?

You can schedule a demo with Timbeter’s team and start a pilot to ensure that the solution aligns with all your company’s needs and requirements. To learn more about our solutions, please send us a message at info@timbeter.com.

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