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Streamlining Forestry Production with Timbeter: An Interview with Angelo Victor De Medeiros

June 19, 2023
Streamlining Forestry Production with Timbeter: An Interview with Angelo Victor De Medeiros

In a world where efficient and sustainable resource management is crucial, the forestry industry plays a vital role. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Angelo Victor De Medeiros, the Forestry Production Coordinator at Irani Papel e Celulose, to discuss the company’s experience using Timbeter, a groundbreaking timber measurement and data management solution. In this interview, De Medeiros shares insights into how Timbeter has revolutionized their operations, streamlining processes and paving the way for greater efficiency and accuracy in forestry production.

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Initially, what drew your attention to Timbeter? What was the problem/issue you wanted to solve with Timbeter’s help?

The initial purpose was to find a quicker and more accurate way to calculate the volume of wood available in the field to complement the planning.

What do you use Timbeter for?

Measuring piles of wood in the field and measuring logs loaded onto trucks.

What are the results of implementing Timbeter? Can you give us an example or estimate of how the solution has accelerated your processes or created efficiencies in your operation? What are the main processes in your company that saw benefits with the use of Timbeter?

After starting to use the app, it was possible to calculate the volume of wood from piles in the forest with greater precision. In addition to improving the distribution of assortments in the stacks, based on diametric information.

How did the workers perceive the implementation of the innovation? And how was the transition from the manual method?

Particularly, I am a great enthusiast of innovation and I consider the technological improvement in the forest to be crucial, focusing on Forest 4.0. Every change generates a learning period, and we are still in a transition phase to the new model, fine-tuning the data generated and the methodology applied in the new practice.

Have you had any unexpected results thanks to Timbeter?

Yes, from the first results it was possible to observe that we could improve the distribution of wood assortments in the field, consequently increasing the added value, based on the largest diameter (logs).

What is your experience with the Timbeter team?

My main contact during this period was with Selma, who, whenever requested, promptly met expectations.

What do you like most about Timbeter?

Being a very intuitive solution, and presenting accurate information.

Based on your experience, which companies would you say would benefit most from using this solution?

Companies in the forestry sector in general, which in their harvesting processes work with cutting, loading and forwarding.

Would you recommend Timbeter to forestry companies in other parts of the world? Why?

Yes, organizations should evaluate the numerous possibilities offered by Timbeter and determine the use of data for the best results.

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