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Timbeter’s Dashboard is helping companies with their timber management in many ways

March 27, 2024
Timbeter’s Dashboard is helping companies with their timber management in many ways

Timbeter’s Dashboard is revolutionizing timber management for companies, offering a dynamic array of benefits. Seamlessly integrating with existing systems such as SAP or Power BI, it elevates efficiency for numerous clients, while others harness its standalone solution. Let’s delve into the myriad of use-cases, showcasing its transformative advantages.

  1. Up-to-date overview for logistics planning

    timbeter dashboard

Timbeter Dashboard shows the information and location related to the different assortments and species. This way it is easier to know:

  • What operations have finished and if timber is ready for transport
  • What the volume of specific assortments is and how many trucks should be planned

One of our customers reported that using the Timbeter Dashboard helped to plan the trucks more efficiently as the location of each pile was known. This way they also helped to avoid any overweight or half-empty trucks. Also, it is quite common in forestry operations for the trucks to wait as the timber is not ready for loading. This way the working time for truck-drivers may be delayed. Knowing the actual status of operations, helps minimize waiting time and plan logistics more efficiently, saving costs.

  1. Inventory information for production and sales planning

    timbeter dashboard

Using information from the Dashboard gives an exact overview of the different products and assortments. This helps to plan the sales or production efficiently and to avoid any bottlenecks in next level operations. 

One of our customers has reported that they used to have 2 scalers driving around the operations to measure and report all the necessary information. With Timbeter they changed the process so that the truck-drivers made the measurements. All necessary information was visible in the Dashboard, so the need for scalers to drive around was completely eliminated. 

  1. Origin of timber information for EUDR compliance

timbeter dashboard

From next year, all the timber, before being placed on the market, needs to have an EUDR reference number. Timbeter provides digital coordinates of the origin of the timber and therefore can be easily used for the EUDR reporting. All the information is already existing and no special entries are needed.

  1. Full traceability of the supply chain

    timbeter dashboard

Dashboard’s logistics module provides complete information related to the route of the truck from the forest to the sawmill or log yard. This information helps trace the timber movement and to make sure that no changes to the timber happened on the way. The inclusion of timestamps along the exact route aids in calculating precise CO2 emissions generated during transportation.

  1. Easy reporting with customized data fields

    timbeter dashboard

All the information is available and can be compiled to any form of report needed. Need the data related to yesterday’s harvesting volumes, species and assortments to pay to the subcontractor - 2 clicks and everything is there. Log-by-log tally sheet in Excel - one click. Customized fields help to make sure that all the required information is linked to specific measurement. All the information related to the sales transaction, subcontractors, and any additional documentation can be easily linked with specific measurements from a certain location. Also, all the necessary information can be downloaded in Excel or pdf.

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