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Why is Timbeter made for you?

August 27, 2020
Why is Timbeter made for you?
Timbeter offers a digital workflow solution for the forestry industry throughout the supply chain, involving different key stakeholders, from harvesters and farmers in the field, controllers in the log yard, truck drivers, sales representatives, international buyers, logistics planners, exporters, and many more, bringing efficiency and transparency to all areas responsible for forestry processes.

When we design and implement new features, we think about how they would benefit each one of the stakeholders, from measurements made in no time, to the data integrated with internal platforms, in order to transform and modernize the daily work in the forestry sector.

Learn how to get started with Timbeter and get 10 measurements for free when you register a new account: https://timbeter.com/how-to-get-started-with-timbeter/

How Timbeter enables the work of company managers

With Timbeter, company managers can coordinate the entire operation in person or remotely, through our Web platform, Storage Module, where in just a few clicks, it is possible to view measurements in real time, organize daily reports of operations, add new team users and even share this data internally and externally in the case of material purchase and sale transactions. 

Managers can rely on all information in digital format, which facilitates the preparation of documents, procurements, forest inventories and fuels the decision making process in real-time. Reports with limited information can be shared to people outside an organization, for example international buyers in other parts of the world that will receive a shipment, or local authorities that supervise the traceability of the wood, there are many use cases our clients have shared with our team. 

Learn more about Storage Module: https://timbeter.com/why-you-should-be-using-timbeters-storage-module/  

Ally in the logistics and sales processes

With a fast and accurate solution that helps field collaborators to measure more volumes in less time, Timbeter also becomes an important ally in the logistics and sales processes of companies in the forestry sector. Using Timbeter’s API, all the information in our solution is easily integrated with internal database systems, ERPs and accounting and logistics systems, contributing to a significant efficiency in the processes within the supply chain. 

Logistics teams can easily check stocks, warehouses and, in addition, organizing forest inventories in a digital way brings information in real time and streamlines the transportation and production processes, all in just a few clicks. 

Read our blog post on things to remember when making inventories with the help of Timbeter: https://timbeter.com/important-things-to-remember-when-making-inventories/

How Timbeter is used in the field or on log yards

One of the main goals of our team is to ensure the safety of employees who work directly with the measurement processes, ensuring that users are not close to heavy machinery during measurements, and enabling them to maintain a safe distance from wood piles to prevent accidents and promote a safer environment. 

With digital measurements made through Timbeter’s mobile app, the measurement process takes just a couple of minutes, bringing much more efficiency and time savings to perform other activities in the field.

Use cases beyond the forestry sector

We have designed and implemented features that benefit companies outside the forestry sector, and specialize in processes that use firewood, such as the food industry, refrigerators, steel mills, or wood for cellulose can also benefit from the use of our solutions. 

When measuring wood volumes with Timbeter, it becomes much more feasible to understand the actual volumes required for the operation of machinery and furnaces in these industries. Manual processes require time to carry out measurements of large volumes, which are often made subjectively, causing financial and production impact on these goods. By using a unique tool, which gauges these volumes with artificial intelligence, the responsible teams find much more accurate results and can organize the volumes for greater efficiency in costs and savings of materials.

Learn about Timbeter’s measurement regimes: https://timbeter.com/what-are-timbeters-functionalities-and-when-you-should-use-them/

Technology and innovation 

We know that the modernization of forestry operations is essential for companies in the sector to continue running operations, even in the midst of the most diverse challenges. Teams focusing on innovation and transferring technology to operations in the field, Timbeter is a great ally, complementing the use of other technologies such as drones and integrated information systems to the most modern machinery.

The cost of implementing the technology, since Timbeter doesn’t require specific hardware, makes it easy to scale its use and add new users across many areas of the company. The power of cloud computing and API integration makes it easy to manage many devices and accounts easily, update the software, and more. And finally, the support of different languages makes it easy for companies with operations in different parts of the world. 

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